AR 1218-12-07 Letter to Wolf from King Bjorn About his sons

December 7th, 1218 Dear Prince Ulfar Axeforger,

I know you go by Wolf but needed you to understand this is a formal letter to you, and so chose to start it with your birth name.

I have recently worked with your Father King Rogi and Mother Queen Elda, they are so proud of what you have accomplished. I hope you will give my sons an opportunity to earn that same respect and pride from me.

I have been having Misha, my court mage help me scry on my sons off and on in the past months. I saw someone from the group protecting them from getting into battle with the awakened animals. I appreciate it, but I believe, now that this past week they turned 21 and 17, they are ready to help in the battles your group faces. I would ask that you allow them the same chance that you got when you were younger. That when attacked by opponents, point out the weaker ones that they can handle, and give them the opportunity to earn their stripes so to speak.

I would of course expect you to help them if they get in over their heads in a fight, or if it is an ancient red dragon, tell them to hide. Please use the common sense I know the gods have granted you during fights. Just know that they too might be able to heal the group if a lot of you go down during a fight. Hopefully, that possible aid helps counter balance the cost of having not as well trained members in your group.

Know that though I am concerned about losing them, I know that the only way to sharpen a sword is to put it into the fire.

Please do not be concerned about my not having an heir since the crown choses, not I. And neither of the boys, have shown any indication that the crown would ever choose them. Helga did not either, which is why I have sent her to Hidden Valley. She needs to find her own place in the world. Lena on the other hand might be chosen someday. So I have kept her closer, but she too deserves a private life away from this silly castle, and so far she has found it with Sardi in Silverbriar.

Also know, that to prevent others from being able to scry your group, the boys have now been given amulets that will prevent all but Misha from checking up on them.

I know I am not your liege, but as the King of Thunder Rift and the boy’s father, I hope that you will abide by my decision for my sons to help in this battle with the Liche.

Last, I saw my boys wince after the fight with the animals, while they stood there being discussed, worried that their being there was going to cause the group to break up. Don’t blame them, but I got them to tell me about the argument.

I would like to share some words of wisdom from my long years of leading men and women. Leaders should never discuss rank and file where they can hear you, it is bad for moral. In the future please take Father Jarl aside to discuss any disagreement about my sons and how they are working with the group.

Please know that I have put the final decision for anything to do with Gunnar and Tomas into Father Jarl hands.

Yours truly,
King Bjorn

AR 1218-12-07 Letter to Wolf from King Bjorn About his sons

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