AR 1218-11-29 Red Dragons attack

They are attacked by the creatures that live in the area around a red dragon’s lair, and then three smaller red dragons and then their 1/2 orc riders. They are successful against the strange lava and then steam creature. The dragons they try to save since they are young and Wolf asks them too. They only manage to save the wyrmling. Those not dealing with the wyrmling search the 1/2 orcs and find the following treasure:

One of them has 17 copper
Another has 14 silver
The last one has 10 gold

They are all using non-magical long bows that are changed to handle strength up to 18 (+4)
They are made well enough that with the right person and price they could be magically enhanced

Those dealing with the wyrmling find it is insanely angry and the only way they can deal with it is to put the Iron Bands of Bilarro on its four legs and rope its mouth shut, which does not last long from its breath weapon, so they just move more than 15 feet away from it. Rissa tries to calm it down by speaking mind to mind with it. She tells the group after that, it hates them for killing its siblings and rider and pledges to hunt them down and kill them all. Meanwhile Wolf communes with his gods, and Berronar is the one that answers his request to talk. Wolf tells Berronar about the red dragon child. She is surprised but understands Wolfs need to save children. She agrees to help get the dragon to the Copper one if she agrees to try to raise it as a good dragon. Yari sends a message to Glinda, their witch at Silverbriar, to ask Gretiem the Magnificent to go to the teleport portal room and enter the portal when it appears to join them. Glinda says to give her 1 hour.

In an hour, Fransizka cast the teleport portal, and Gretiem walks through in her human form. Wolf is standing in front of the wyrmling trying to block sight of the red dragon. The other two dragons have been cut apart for parts by Franziska. Gretiem asks why she was called. They offer her 6 – 500 gp Aquamarine gems and 1,900 pp coins that they got from the Aboleth’s lair and on the Gricks. She is suspicious and the group starts to explain about her taking the red dragon wyrmling to raise. But she does not wait for more than the mention of the small red dragons to react. She shifts into her copper dragon form and flies away. Yari lets the group know she has flown into the dragon cave, but she is there longer than he can watch.

About 20 minutes later, Gretiem flies back, scopes up the live red dragon, tosses it into the air and eats it. Shortly there after spits out the Iron Bands of Bilarro unharmed though very bloody. She then circles and grabs the dead red dragons and eats them as well. Last she lands and turns back into a human women and starts to explain why she ate them getting out only that they were the children of her great enemy that killed her child. It looks like she is going to thank them as Wolf attacks Gretiem with a totally insane look on his face. Yari tries to intercede but to no avail. Gretiem turns back into a copper dragon and as she flies away, she tells the group, they are no longer friends and to not look for her and her children or she will kill them. She flies away. It will take her at least 6 days to fly back to Silverbriar unless she finds another method to get back.

The group makes it way to the dragon cave and find three small piles of treasure:

1st pile
5 – 25 gp art objects
- gold locket with painted portrait of gnomish women inside
- clothe of gold vestments for a gnome
- red velvet mask with peacock feathers wrapped around the eyes in a stylish fashion
- mirro set in a painted wooden frame
- Silver ewer (large jug with a wide mouth – formerly used for carrying water for someone to wash in)
1 potion of greater healing
2 potions of healing
3,100 copper
1,100 silver
80 gold

2nd pile
7 – 50 gp gems (all Zircons (transparent pale blue-green))
1 scroll of protection
2,200 copper
1,300 silver
90 gold

3rd pile
7 – 10 gp gems (all blue quartz ( transparent pale blue))
1 potion of water breathing
1 potion of hill giant strength
1 gold ring that is magical (ring of swimming (no attunement required))
drift globe
1,900 copper
700 silver
80 gold
parchment rolled up. When they open it, it looks like some type of bill of sale:

Purchased Date: 1201 March 12th
Purchased By: Ryukotsusei the Great
Purchased this day, the sea vessel The White Horse
Purchased from: Baron Guiart
Purchased Price: 20,000 gold
Purchased City: Trisk
Witnessed by: Judge Bill Caris

AR 1218-11-29 Red Dragons attack

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