AR 1218-11-12 Fight to save the first Beachwood they go to

The team defends the town by positioning themselves near each end of the town and on the roofs. The Gricks come out of the forest in multiple waves. They are able to deflect most of the attack. A mysterious figure attacked from the roof but did not stay long.

After defeating all of the Gricks, they followed one of the trails in the woods to a hole in the ground. The tunnel branched off many times leading either to other hidden surface holes and led deep underground underneath the center of the city. Along the way they were harried by more Gricks. Under the center of the city, they found a body of water that was protected by Chuul that was the lair of an Aboleth. Across the water was a small sand bar that held a portal.

They fought numerous waves of Chuul while unbeknownst to them first Yari and then Rissa had been charm by the Aboleth. Eventually, the group was able to remove the charms, but not before Rissa blew her special Horn of Valhalla causing havoc for the group. Once the tide turned, the Aboleth was tried to get away but Wolf and Inuki went after it, but sadly the Aboleth was able to kill Wolf. Luckily his special armor glows, and Yari was able to get to Wolf and revive him before his soul left Midgard. Wolf was then able to kill the Aboleth.

Krunch using his air reserves in his bag of holding was able to search through the massive underwater tunnels the Aboleth had and found its treasure horde.

Krunch sends Hoo through the portal and he returns saying there are monsters on the other side in a cave. Yari pops through invisibly and finds Mouthers and cannot tell where the cave is other than it is not on the same plane he just left, for initially he cannot sense Caelus. Then suddenly Yari got the feeling that Caelus had found him, a kind of “Oh there you are” type of thing. He wonders if Rissa will have problems with her connection to Gaia. Yari can feel Oden with no problem though. Yari quickly decides to go back through the portal without looking through the open cave door he can see past the Mouthers.

The group then decides to not go through the portal at that time. Even though some of the group believe it leads to where the humans may have been taken based on the Aboleth’s talk about her getting paid for more slaves by Britteny. Instead the group works very hard to kill off the rest of the Gricks that come pouring into the lair from the tunnels. This exhaust the rest of their energy so they choose to rest 8 hours first before going through the portal. To prevent any interruptions, Franiziska puts the resting hut in front of the portal so nothing can come through. They put up a stone wall over the tunnels. While resting, they hear off and on at first like something is hitting the wall, but then it stops.

While resting the following happens:

With Fran’s magical “hut” in place, the group started settling in for some much needed rest after the long day of combat. Krunch was tallying up the treasures found that day, with Zen helping him by counting out the gold and platinum coins. Rissa scooted up next to Krunch, and summoned her Broom of Flying to her side. It was glowing like an over-sized torch from the Light spell Rissa had cast upon it earlier. She maneuvered her light source so it was hovering directly over the handful of gemstones laid out in front of the dwarf. “What kind of gems are those? They look too pale to be sapphires?” Rissa knew any dwarf worth his salt would be able to identify gems on sight.

“Aquamarine,” Krunch replied. “Worth a little less than sapphires, but these are pretty nice ones. I guess we could get about 500 gold for each of them.”

Rissa pulled from her pouch the magic red stone Gaia had given her and set it down close to the aquamarines. “Whataya think of these, Ruby?” There was no verbal reply, but Rissa nodded as if there had been. “I’ll take the aquamarines as my share of the treasure,” she declared, gesturing to the whole pile of them. “I don’t care about the coins or other stuff, you guys can divvy that up.”

Krunch pointed out that all the aquamarines were worth more than one-seventh of their haul, so she couldn’t take them all.

Rissa rolled her eyes, “Fine, then I’ll take as many as my share allows.”

“Why the sudden obsession with gemstones?” Zen asked.

The bard picked up two of the blue-green stones and held them in front of her eyes. “They match my eyes,” she said with a grin. Rissa then looked down at the rough uncut ruby and made a goofy face, laughing. “And Ruby likes them.” Rissa returned the gems to the pile, and put Ruby back in her pouch.

The group obtained the following from the Aboleth’s lair:

18 – 500 gp Aquamarine (transparent pale blue-green) stones
1,900 pp coins
12,000 gp coins
1 scroll of the cantrip spell “Thunderclap” (Bard, Wizard and Warlock)
1 scroll of the 1st level spell “Ice Knife” (Bard and Wizard)
1 Potion of Animal Friendship
1 Potion of Greater Healing
1 potion of Healing
1 potion of Resistance
1 Potion of Growth
5 +1 Arrows

On the Gricks and Chuul that they killed, the group finds an additional 1000 gp coins

Rissa ask for her treasure to be in just the gems, so the group gives her 12 of the 18 gems.
Later on, they gift Gretiem with the remaining 6 gems and the 1,900 pp coins. So the group only has the 12,000 gp to split 6 ways – so each of the other 6 members of the group get 2000 gold.

AR 1218-11-12 Fight to save the first Beachwood they go to

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