AR 1217-08-16 Phase I of taking out the Master - Reclaim the northern cities from the syndicate

The group spent a lot of time determining how to allocate all of the people in the alliance to take back the three cities, New Haven, Beech Hedge, and Kleine. But the effort paid off. They had over whelming forces in all three cities and were able to defeat the syndicate with no loss of life on their side. The syndicate people were either killed outright when they fought back, or were captured and incarcerated for later trial for crimes against the people of Thunder Rift. Several people in the resistance had died, but the high level clerics in the cities were close enough to get to them in time to cast revivify to get them back before they crossed over to niflheim.

The group waited in Kleine until they got the report via familiar’s that the groups taking out the guards on the walls had started.

Then they came out of the sewers, and first went after Nails, and stumbled upon Nails golems trying to get more victims for his research. They slowly but surely killed not only his golems including a massive Iron golem, but also killed Nails himself.

From there they moved on to the Burgenmaster who they were told by their watchers seemed to be loading up to make their getaway. The group thought no problem go in the front door masquading and kill them all. But little did they know that not only the Burgenmaster but the elite security group around her were actually devils. The security group stayed to delay them and she escaped through the window of the upper floor. So some of the group stayed and killed the security group, and others of the group followed the now Erinyes who flew far faster than any of them could.

Krunch talked via his connection to Tizzy and asked her to have the dragon she was riding on above the city to come down and help catch the Erinyes. In the meantime, Rissa called on her connection with Gia to help her move through the earth to be in front of the Erinyes though still on the ground. Where Rissa cast a spell that caused the Erinyes to stop moving until she took damage. This caused the Erinyes to fall to the ground from quite a high height. Right before hitting the ground, Rissa cast feather fall so she softly landed still unable to move. The group chasing her then waited till Wolf helped kill the security group and joined them. Then they all do the normal 1, 2, 3 kill it, and quickly put the Erinyes out of her misery so quickly she got to do no damage to anyone.

Then the group headed over to the Temple of Odin and found the battle just wrapping up. However, the two high priest brothers had escaped through the sewers and had gotten away while their followers had fought those sent to reclaim the temple. Once they cleared the blade barriers in the sewers, they searched for the two priest brothers but could not find them.

It took a good day to re-establish order in the city and put folks temporarily in charge until a new election could be held. The group tried very hard to make sure the folks of the city knew that the resistance fighters were those from the city and not just them. These were: Kaya, Martin, Marianne and Eric.

AR 1217-08-16 Phase I of taking out the Master - Reclaim the northern cities from the syndicate

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