AR 1217-06-05 Many Celebrations at Golden Eagle Keep

Elsie and Aldhis arrive early afternoon. Time being short, Aldhis and Zen disappear. Then with Sven officiating, Elsie and Yari renewed their vows of marriage with their families watching. Being the curious creatures they are, it would be known after that as one of the few times that a baby dragon and ancient dragon attended a human ceremony. Tweaker, the adopted gnomish boy, came with his girlfriend, Selda who was one of those who had moved from Boton to Thunder Rift but had soon found she disliked what the syndicate was doing so had moved to hidden valley where she met Tweaker. Siffles was there. She had recently turned 10 and was going to check out the school later to see if she wanted to attend. If so Kara and Sven would reserve her a spot in the class that would start in 2019, in two years.

The party afterwards was wonderful and Elsie and Aldhis stayed through about 3 hours of it, leaving early evening to get back to New Haven so as to not arouse suspicion.

Bran and Bull had done a lot of the cooking and the food was absolutely scrumptious. In the evening Bran danced the night away with Martina Eyvaltsdottir, Eyvalt’s daughter, who had started living with Kara and Sven on Jan 1st of 1213 when she was around 12. Now at 17 she was turning out to be a beautiful women. She had been helping Kara and Sven with helping the refugees settle into Hidden Valley. She seemed a wonderful match for Bran who at 16 was sweeping Martina off her feet so to speak, as the family looked on and approved the pairing.

Rissa tried various things, but none of them worked to woo Sardi back. In the end Rissa spent most of the evening with Gunnar, and Sardi spent all of it with Lena. Matt, who was graduating the next day spent it with Helga. Tomas found many young students wanted to dance with him, so enjoyed himself immensely. Bjorn, who refused to be called King until his official coronation, spent it getting to know some of the different dignitaries that were there, including the high elf Nym Dawnfall and his wife. The soon to be King danced with many of the ladies, including his daughters. He even dance once with Rissa and Franziska. They found him very graceful and vibrant for an older man.

AR 1217-06-05 Many Celebrations at Golden Eagle Keep

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