AR 1216-08-12 Zen and Aldhis get married

As Aldhis walked down the aisle with her arm through Krunch’s, who was taking her long dead father’s place, she thought back to the incredible hectic last 24 hours.

When she and Elsie arrived to Silverbriar, Aldhis was glad to see that Yari had decided to show that he loved Elsie by literally sweeping her off her feet. Aldhis had thought at first that Yari was just a gold digger, but the more Elsie had talked about him during their months in New Haven, the more she felt her best friend had found the love of her life.

While in New Haven, Aldhis had learned that Elsie had accidently overheard her speaking to Zen about Yari. Elsie had not heard Zen reply that he did not believe Yari to be a gold digger type of person. Elsie had not known it was Aldhis and she finally had admitted it was. Elsie had forgiven her for having a false impression about Yari, not having been in the same year nor cave, Aldhis had not gotten to know Yari very well. While in New Haven, Elsie had shared a lot about what she knew about Yari with Aldhis. The more she heard, the more she understood why Elsie had fallen in love with him.

After Yari had swept Elsie off her feet, Aldhis had told Zen that she wanted to marry now and not wait for the fight with the master to be done. And why not, Zen’s family was there in Silverbriar, and her’s was dead. The group was as close as she was going to come to family, so why wait. Besides, who knew what the future held.

Zen had agreed, though he had hoped to have King Kendrick do ceremony as he had not really wanted a religious one. But Aldhis remained firm she wanted Yari to do the ceremony as she was a follower of Tyr and since there was no priest of Tyr around, she felt having Yari do it was the next best thing since he followed Odin, Tyr’s father.

She looked down at her arms, the long sleaves of her white dress covered the scars on her arms. Rissa was going to cast an illusion spell that took care of the scars on her hands, face and neck but Krunch interrupted and told Aldhis that she was beautiful just the way she was. So she decided to turn down Rissa’s offer and just be herself. After all Zen had fallen in love with her as she was, the other people would just get use to the way she looked.

As Aldhis looked around at all the smiling faces that Krunch and her were walking through, she was amazed at the nature of the human and dwarf spirit. They had all just barely escaped with their lives from Kleine, had few belongings and were basically starting their lives over. But, they were smiling. Nothing like a wedding to bring cheer to folks. They had all pitched in to help with ceremony. Some had cooked, some had decked out the court yard with bright colors, and some had helped set up a platform for the wedding to take place so that all could see.

Aldhis smiled even brighter as she saw how the king and queen of the stone giants had made it and were sitting on the side so as to not be in anyone’s way. They had even allowed some of the smaller children to climb on their laps and shoulders so they could see better. She could see why Zen had taken a liking to them and was anxiously waiting for the Cloud Giants to respond to his using the sending stone they had given him in Alfheim.

Aldhis was so happy she had decided to do a big wedding, even though she did not know most of the people there. It did not matter, they were all fighting the same person who was causing them grief. She would hense forth consider them family, and would work hard to get to know them.

Getting closer to the platform, Aldhis looked at those who were going to stand up for her and Zen. There as her Maid of Honor was Elsie, then brides maids were Rissa and then Franziska. Zen had chosen his brother Steven as his best man, and his groomsman were Wolf and Sardi. Yari waited just behind Zen dressed in fine cleric robe ready to bind her and Zen together forever.

Just behind Yari, sat Inuki. Zen had joked it was so Inuki could chew on Yari if the ceremony got too long, but it was the easist place to put him so he could see the ceremony, be near Wolf and not be in the way. Inuki had even let some of the ladies put a flower on his head. Wolf was not too happy about it, but Inuki told him to not take it off and he proudly strutted around with it on before the ceremony had begun.

Last, Aldhis looked at Zen. She was so happy he had agreed to doing the wedding now instead of waiting. She really did not want to take any chances on something happening to one of them. She smiled at him, and he grinned from ear to ear. How she loved him.

Aldhis and Krunch got to the platform finally.

“Who gives Aldhis to Zen?” Yari loudly asked so that all could hear.

“I, Krunch Stonerose do. Long time friend of them both.”

Krunch gave Aldhis a peck on the cheek and handed her to Zen.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur once she took Zen’s arm and met his eyes.

She remembers Yari talking about the sacrifices everyone there had made, how Zen and Aldhis were bonding together in spite of the adversities going on at this time, and how together with the gods help they would all succeed.

Then suddenly they were at their vows. Aldhis went first.

“Zen, I promise to always love you. I have found your love for me is like water. Formless, shapeless, peaceful, strong and always just what I need. Always surrounding me even when we are not near each other. You are my heart. I promise to honor you. I promise to support you. And I promise you can always count on my sword to fight beside you in whatever fight you deam worthy! Everything I am and have is yours now and forever.”

Then it was Zen’s turn. “My thoughts are with you at every moment between the winds of change and chaos of the storm. Today, walk with me during this brief respite, I can not promise what I don’t have, but all that I am is yours; You wake from dreams of doom and—for a moment—you know: beyond all the noise and the gestures, the only real thing, love’s calm unwavering flame in the half-light of an early dawn. “

Yari continued, “Do you Aldhis take Zen as your husband to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, keep him, in sickness and in health, and be faithful to him? Will you do this?”

“I will”

“Do you Zen take Aldhis as your wife to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor her, keep her, in sickness and in health, and be faithful to her? Will you do this?”

“I will”

Yari looked out over the croud of people in the court yard, ””Will all of you witnessing these promises do all in your power to uphold these two persons in their marriage? Will you do this?”

The group loudly proclaimed “We will”

Nodding, Yari then intoned, “Then, by the authority granted me as a priest of the Allfather, I announce your marriage before Odin and all the Aesir. May the gods look kindly upon your union.” Glancing at Zen, he mocked whispered, “This is the part where you kiss her.”

As Aldhis kissed Zen, the group gathered cheered loudly.

The platform was moved aside, and instruments were brought out and the music began. As they played, the couple moved around the people getting numerous congradulations. The food was brought out and Aldhis and Zen were allowed to eat first. They took a little of everything so that their love would bless the food with their love as was the tradition in Thunder Rift.

After a while, Aldhis tossed her flowers and even though there was some magical shanigans going on by some of the group trying to get Rissa to catch the flowers, Zen’s oldest sister caught them instead.

Sardi looked disappointed, but shrugged it off and danced the night away with Rissa anyway.

Later in the evening, before Zen and Aldhis left the party, Yari and Elsie slipped away. They came back and Elsie ran to her friend and showed her the ring privately so as to not spoil Aldhis’s big day. But Aldhis was thrilled for her best friend. Elsie and Yari would be getting married the next day before the two gals had to head back to New Haven.

AR 1216-08-12 Zen and Aldhis get married

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