AR 1216-07-26 Fourth day of planning jail break in Kleine

July 26th

Zen spent the day on the lake with in the ship “The MaryAnn”. He helps with the training and talks two of them into coming to Silverbriar with them to train some more. Captain Rose says he can get by with two less without letting it be known they are gone. The two have no families yet. Their names are:

Susie Turk (18)
Amy Turk (19) (sister to Susie)

Franziska spent a lot of her time with Marrianne to help her with tending the shop so she could concentrating on the bombs that the group had asked for.

Wolf traded stories with Coddell until lunch then went with him to meet a large dwarven family that might be interested in joining Silverbriar. These were blacksmiths and weapon smiths and very good ones. Wolf liked them and after verifying with Zone of Truth they were trust worthy, they arranged for where to meet them on the 28th in the evening outside of town. The rest of the time, Wolf watches the judge’s house to try to understand the movement there. Wolf arranges for them to be waiting near the sewer opening near the judge’s home. They will help keep them safe and get them to the meeting point at the end of the sewer.

Bardan Ironforge (Father (218) weaponsmith)
Mistglian Ironforge (Mother (201) blacksmith)
Farrik Ironforge (Son of Bardan and Mistglian – blacksmith (75))
Naldelle Ironforge (Wife of Farrik – Weaponsmith (63))
Barryl (son of Farrik and Naldelle (10))

Rissa and Sardi work at the inn all day long and night with little breaks. This is because they are taking the others places that have escaped the city with the twins who they were afraid would spill the beans. Rissa performs great that night and it is a good thing as the more guards are there as word is getting out that the Mute Otter has a new and wonderful entertainer.

Krunch watches over the jail all day long getting a sense of timing and movement of troops and feeding times. He keeps a special watch on Nails movements.

Yari spends a lot of time at the temple, getting acquainted with running a temple from the High Priest who spends most of the day with him showing him the ropes so to speak. During that time he sends messages out to the goat herder’s and farmers warning them of all of the people who will be showing up in preparations for leaving.

The group sends gold with those they can to help them pay for food outside the city for the time away so as to not overtax those they will be staying with. Several groups leave today and are able to get by the gates with no problem. They use multiple gates so as to not arouse suspicion.
In the late afternoon, Sardi makes his way to the temple to cast the Divination spell with Yari. The group had decided to not chance meeting together on this day. Wolf is helping at the Mute Otter while he is away. They thought they had the plan down for how to get everyone out of the judge’s home and they still needed to find tune the plan for the jail. So they thought it a good time to ask the second question:

What important details have we not considered in our planning?

The fog formed again, this time it got a bit denser than the night before. Anna’s voice echoed around the room they were in.

“What lets sunlight in will squeak. Silence is golden”

After thinking about it, they realized that it was probably referring to the window at the judge’s home. And they decided someone would need to cast silence on the window so the guards below would not hear them to pull off getting into the judge’s home undetected. They could not believe they had not thought of that issue on their own. Thankfully, they had asked using Divination!


After Sardi returns to Mute Otter and relays the answer, Wolf returned to Coddells and find Franziska had stopped in for a bit, and gotten caught by Coddell in one of his old tales that he calls a drinking contest. She is quite plastered, and Wolf decides to let he stay drunk for this one time so she can “enjoy” it until she is needed for the evening run with Inuki, at which time he cured her again.

8 pm

Wolf and Krunch go over Erik’s and meeting the two men that he said he knew that might be interested in joining them. They are checked via the Truth spell and pass with no problem. They are willing to help at Silverbriar and learn to fight to help in the battle with the syndicate. They say they can leave the next night and are told to spend the night of the 27th at the Hollow Sword before walking out the next day to the farm house.

Vynn Humn (22) Painter
Sam Humn (23) Woodworker (brother to Vynn)

9 pm

Wolf and Krunch check out the sewer opening near the Mute Otter and near the judges for any issues for the other dwarves to hide near while waiting for the others to come be escorted through the sewer. Members of the group meets up and they travel the sewer to outside the city and back causing it to look like it is filled with ghosts to scare off the wererats and any other citizens in the dark. They run into some wererats and after killing them, they process their bodies to get the bones to use for the final night Inuki walks as Fenris to appear as if he ate someone.

~ 2 am

Once the bar closes at the Mute Otter, the group, except Zen, meet up and help Inuki appear again as Fenris to walk the city, getting worse than the night before.

Rissa and Sardi head back to the Mute Otter to sleep.

Yari heads back to the temple to sleep.

Krunch heads over to the temple of Clanggendin to get some rest.

Franziska, and Wolf slipped back into Coddell’s home with no problem to sleep. Wolf again summons Inuki to find out the how things were going in Elfheim, then the two sleep.

AR 1216-07-26 Fourth day of planning jail break in Kleine

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