AR 1216-07-25 Third day of planning jail break in Kleine

July 25th

In the morning Yari invisibly walked Ben, Tatyana and the twins from Mute Otter to the Farmers farm so they got there safetly. He returned in the late afternoon to the city and got back through the gate with his invisibility. Yari spent the rest of the time at the temple helping out or in prayer.

Franziska went to Marrianne’s to see if she had several scrolls but found out she did not make those. She also did not have the spells she was looking for in her own wizard’s book. She spent time with her to help her with tending the shop so she could concentrating on the bombs that the group had asked for. Later that evening, when Glinda checked in with Franziska, Glinda told her she had several of those spells and she could copy them from her book.

Sardi and Rissa went back to the same gate to the city and got the paper work for citizenship. They found out then that for some strange reason they are now asking for a small blood sample. The guard told them to fill out the paperwork and go to the Office across the street from the jail to give their sample. They have 4 days. Thankfully, that will be the day after they leave, so they will stall until then. The guard, the same one that let them through the first time is thrilled to hear she got the job and says he will come visit with some friends and hear how good she is.

Zen spent the day on the lake with in the ship “The Seagull”. He helps with the training and talks two of them into coming to Silverbriar with them to train some more. Captain Sluggo says he can get by with two less without letting it be known they are gone. The two have no families yet. Their names are:

Zed Sisten (24) Xaver Jock (22)

Wolf traded stories with Coddell until lunch then went with him to meet a large dwarven family that might be interested in joining Silverbriar. These were stone workers and very good ones. Wolf liked them and after verifying with Zone of Truth they were trust worthy, they will meet at the sewer opening near the Mute Otter to escort the remaining members of that family to the end of the sewer line and keep them safe. Wolf watches the judge’s house to try to understand the movement there.

Hardrus Rockwell (Father (245) Stone cutter)
Gwennar Rockwell (Mother (240) Stone fitter)
Thelkum Rockwell (son of Hardrus and Gennar (120) Stone fitter)
Raenleil Rockwell (wife of Thelkum (102) Stone cutter and expecting their second child)
Daeg Rockwell (daughter of Thelkum and Raenleil (12))

Rissa and Sardi work at the inn all day long and night with little breaks. This is because they are taking the others places that have escaped the city with the twins who they were afraid would spill the beans. Rissa performs marvelously that night and it is a good thing as the guard from the gate is there with his friends. Ensuring her cover is kept.

Krunch watches over the jail all day long getting a sense of timing and movement of troops and feeding times. He keeps a special watch on Nails movements.

Early in the morning Yari and Krunch head over to the Laundress home that Krunch found. They tested them and they were clean of the syndicate influence and was more than willing to move if it meant saving Lizette.

Isaias Kahle (Father to Lizette(45)) cleans chimneys)
Patricia Kahle (Mother to Lizette (44) does peoples laundry)
Lizette Kahle (In jail (30) does peoples laundry)
Lewis Kahle (brother to Lizette (28) cleans chimneys)
Lauryn Kahle (wife to Lewis (26) does peoples laundry)
Paige Kahle (daughter to Lewis and Lauryn (10) helps with laundry)
Cam Kahle (son to Lewis and Lauryn (8) helps with chimney)
Bailey Kahle (son to Lewis and Lauryn (6) helps with chimney)

Yari spends a lot of time at the temple, getting acquainted with running a temple from the High Priest who spends most of the day with him showing him the ropes so to speak. During that time he sends messages out to the goat hearders and farmers warning them of all of the people who will be showing up in preparations for leaving.

The group sends gold with those they can to help them pay for food outside the city for the time away so as to not overtax those they will be staying with. Several groups leave today and are able to get by the gates with no problem. They use multiple gates so as to not arouse suspicion.


Then the group learns they can ask the gods for information

~ 7 pm

Krunch and Yari head over to Kaya’s and meet Lando to find out if he is interested in joining them and safe to invite. Once they mention that Marrianne asked if he was going, then he seemed willing to jump over the moon. He was non-committal about the syndicate, but had no contacts with them. So they trusted him with the secret of going and he decided to join them.

~ 8 pm

Sardi and Yari head over to the temple of Odin to meet the acolytes. There they meet the five who will be going with them. Afterwards Yari works around the temple and then prays until 2 am. Sardi goes back to help out at the Mute Otter.

~ 2 am

Once the bar closes at the Mute Otter, the group, except Zen, meet up and help Inuki appear again as Fenris to walk the city, getting worse than the night before.

Rissa and Sardi head back to the Mute Otter to sleep.

Yari heads back to the temple to sleep.

Krunch heads over to the temple of Clanggendin to get some rest.

Franziska, and Wolf slipped back into Coddell’s home with no problem to sleep. Wolf again summons Inuki to find out the how things were going in Elfheim, then the two sleep.

AR 1216-07-25 Third day of planning jail break in Kleine

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