AR 1216-07-22 To the bottom of Lake Ostrel to find Treasure

The next morning they got up and bought a couple of weapons that would work better underwater. Then they got on the “The seagull” run by captain Sluggo. The ½ orc was overjoyed to show him around the crew, and the boat, but expressed his concern for their health at trying the crazy mission of finding the lost treasure. But they were determined, so they took them to just outside the water falls and after Franziska cast the water breathing spell they jumped overboard. While they were gone, Inuki and Clarice, who were overjoyed at being left behind, worked with the crew to improve their fighting stances.

Down below, the group found it odd, but where very happy to not have to swim since that would be tiring. Using the brooms and boots to fly had worked out just like they had hoped. About 100 feet down, they were attacked by a swarm of giant sharks, with more on the edges. Rissa was able to mesmerize two of them. They quickly killed another one. This left three of them. Sardi kept feeding them his blood, not of his own volitions though. Just once a person was bleeding they seemed to find it easier to cut the person again. But they used that to their advantage when one of them made a shark run away, and they damage it as it turned to swim away. A shark on the outskirts took that as an opportunity to attack the bleeding shark and took it away to eat. The remaining two sharks did not last long when the group focused on them. As the group descended farther into the deep lake, they could see more sharks closing in and eating the remains.

Once they got to the bottom, Wolf cast locate object asking for the figure head of a ship. Along the way they found old pieces of wooden ship and gold pieces part way buried in the floor sand. As they walked further along the bottom, they found it was filled with kelp forests that blocked all line of sight. Krunch recognized the kelp that Marrianne had described and collected some for her. Unknown to the group, their decent had been noticed by sahuagin who could sense their presence by the reaction of the other fish in the lake. The sahuagin mounted an attack that took the group by surprise as they walked through one of the more dense kelp forests. The group got a bit hurt by the surprise, but quickly turned the tides of the fight in their favor and killed all of the sahuagin.

After the fight, Wolf recast the locate object and they moved off toward where he sensed the figure head. Eventually they got near the rift edge and found the figure head next to a cave. When they started into the cave they were greeted by an angry Marid who did not want his treasure taken. He had up to now been able to kill off all of the adventures who had been foolish enough to make it this far. He knew exactly what to do while they always tried to talk him into giving it up for no other reason than they deserved to have it instead of him. He thought different. He called up a water elemental that was at his beck and call. And blew his horn to call his hunter shark friends who he kept well fed so they would help him. This group was a bit different, they actually offered him a different treasure, but he knew a fish in a net was better than two in the kelp. But humans were so stupid they seemed to not know this. They finally gave up and attacked, and so did he and his friends. He felt he had tried to get them to go away, it was their own fault now that they would die, not his. But to his surprise, they were far tougher than he had faced before. When he could see he was going to lose, he tried to turn gaseous and slip into a crack in the rift wall, but they kept attacking even though they could have just had his treasure. His last thoughts were “What evil creatures these were to come into his home and killed him even after he had admitted defeat to himself and tried to leave”

During the fight with the Marid, Franziska realized she could no longer feel the tingling from the rift walls and found she could use her misty step to get out of being surrounded by the hunter sharks. She would have to send Clarice to Glinda to tell her in hopes that would allow her to solve the teleport problem faster.

They got to the ship with no problems with the treasure. Seems all the citizens of the deep had learn to respect the group finally. Once there they found that the treasure consisted of:

- 2100 copper, 21000 silver, 6300 gold, 200 platinum
- Eversmoking bottle (Krunch)
- Lantern of revealing (Rissa)
- Rope of climbing (Krunch)
- Daern’s Instant Fortress (Yari)

In water proof container:
- Conjure Minor Elementals(4)
- Contact other planes (5)(R)

They got back to the city and slept the night in the Hollow Sword hoping that in the morning they would hear something from their different informers.

AR 1216-07-22 To the bottom of Lake Ostrel to find Treasure

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