AR 1216-07-22 The group learns Its a wonderful life they lead after all

On the night of July 22nd, after the group came back from claiming the treasure in the Lake Ostrel next to Kleine they went to sleep in a common room in the Hollow Sword since the other rooms were taken.

While they slept, they were shown by Anna the Valkyrie, what life would have been like for them and for those they know, if after the Lich Lord’s body had been destroyed, if she had concentrated on getting her power back instead of seeking revenge on those who had help destroy her.

They learned that the God’s in the actual time line could not get to the Lich Lord to destroy her, but were able to subtly influence those around her to encourage her to seek vengeance first. So the time line Anna shows them is what if the God’s had not influenced the Lich Lord. So no earthquake, no plague, no orc’s attacking the Thunder Rift area.


- Sardi’s mother, Josephine Medina, got very sick when Sardi was 5, but Sven and Kara just happen to be visiting a friend in Kleine, and Sardi’s father, Joshua, found out and went and begged them to help her. Between the two of their healing abilities they were able to save her.
- Several years later, Josephine had a birthday and Joshua had been scheduled to work. But traded with Robert Konstance, another cop in the city so he could take his Josephine out to a special dinner. When Joshua got back to work the next day, he found out that the Robert had been seriously hurt during a fight with some really evil people. Joshua realized that could have been him, and helped Robert’s family out as much as he could after the man died from his injuries a few years later from complications.
- When he was 18, he took an apprentiship with Marrianne Hyac the potion maker in Kleine where he found he excelled. There he met Franzisak when she studied with her.
- Note, because their parents did not die, the boys never joined the circus, and never met the witch who stole Brog and Elsie. The boys never went to the Golden Eagle Clan so never met anyone other than Franziska. Sardi never developed a close relationship with Yari. Beckum married after his apprentiship and had 2 sons and a daughter. Sardi never married, never having met “the right one”. He instead enjoyed being an uncle, taking care of his parents when they got older and working at Marianne’s shop.


- NOTE: There was no fire set by evil forces in Aldhis family home so her parents are still alive. Aldhis was never burned so never went Golden Eagle Academy. Once her parents bought the inn in Willowdale, Aldhis being strong, worked mainly the barn. So the kids going to the school rarely saw or talked to her. Zen and Aldhis never dated nor did Aldhis ever find anyone else to marry.


- Elsie and Brog were taken by the witch, and because no dwarfs came to find and free the kids, by the time the villagers found the witches house, Brog had been eaten. Elsie’s father and Brog’s father both died in the rescue of the kids. The witch seeing just villagers thought she could kill them all, but failed and was torn apart and then her body parts burned. Elsie was traumatized by the experience so her mother, Ida, took Elsie to the Golden Eagle Clan for help. Ida worked at the school helping clean and cook to pay for her daughter’s treatments. She also sold the inn to Aldhis’s parents and used that money as well. When Elsie got better, Ida and Elsie had nowhere else to go, so the two stayed at the keep. Elsie was enrolled in Golden Eagle Academy, and lived in the Gargole cave. There she got to know and fall in love with Yari.


- Zen’s father had realized right away the importance of his children all attending the dwarven academy.
- Zen had entered the first year class with his close friends, Rissa and Yari and his years at the school were wonderful, and he had his siblings joining him as they got old enough.
- Soon it was time to graduate and he took his new found knowledge back to the family caravan. After 5 years, he was able to open a family office in Boton and expanded the trading operations under his family name outside the valley. Many unique items were contracted by his family into coming into the valley than had ever been done in the past.
- Zen’s biggest triumph was making a deal with a clan of dwarves far away into selling their best dwarven ale to the Golden Eagle clan for their special diamonds. His dwarven friends at the Golden Eagle clan were over joyed at their luck at having him watching out for them.
- Zen even got the family caravan running as far north as Domesnardt. The Gnomes loved the items their caravan brought from so many places outside their realm. Zen always got invited to dine with the King and his family. Over the years he got to know the youngest son, Quactimas, very well and considered him a friend.
- Zen never married as he was so busy all the time making money for the family by expanding the business and never met someone he cared about enough to marry.


- Franziska studied with Hazel until she completed her apprenticeship.
- Now and then they would take field trips to the Golden Eagle clan for certain training that only Trent could provide. So she got to see where her friends lived and study. Some days she wished should could have joined them, but it was so nice living close to her parents that she decided that she had it better with Hazel.
- While visiting the school, she did meet this very handsome guy named Hughye who was studying to be a bard. His voice was like an angle singing and they hit it off.
- When he graduated 2 years earlier than her, he got a job in his home town of Torlyne singing at the Yellow Rose. He visited every other weekend to see her. After a year at the Yellow Rose, he got a job offer in Melinir and jumped at the chance. He did very well, and continued to date Franziska.
- After listening to Franziska’s hope to open a shop dealing in magic items and scribing scrolls, he secretly saved up his money. When she completed her time with Hazel, he offered to pay to start Franziska in a shop. She bulked at taking his money until, he got down on one knee, pulled out a beautiful ring and proposed. At which time she says yes to both offers.
- They find they did not quite have enough money yet, so volunteer to go with Rissa and Yari when they said they wanted to find the Wizard’s Spire now that they have graduated. After they get back, they have enough gold to start the shop, and the shop does very well.
- After a year, Franziska took some time to study the brewing of potions from Marianne Hyac, a halfing female wizard in Kleine who owns the apothecary named ‘Hyac Jars’. Marianne had an apprentice named Sardi who was Franziska’s age. They learned potions together which helped make it easier to learn.
- Three years later, Franziska and Hughye had a daughter and name her Clarice. They fawned all over her.
- Eventually the shop was able to start selling items to Zen’s caravan and make a name for themselves.
- Now and then, she and Hughye, went out with her friends on other adventures when they feel it is safe enough, leaving Clarice with her parents or sister Anna Bell who love babysitting anytime.
- Franziska became the go to person for the King when he needed any kind of potions.
- When Clarice was two, Hazel’s daughter and her husband came to visit to show Hazel their new son. Hazel decided to go back to Boton with them to be closer to her new grandson. She gave her tower to Franziska and her husband. They move in and Sardi moves in above the shop where they had been living.
- NOTE: Because the Master never went to Boton, after the Puppet Master stole the wolf Clarice from a man in Boton, he did not have to leave. He stayed in Boton until he got caught. So Clarice died during the capture trying to protect him and reincarnated into a pseudodragon. This happened when the kids were young. So Franziska never met Clarice.


- Rissa had a wonderful time in school. She excelled not only in magic but also in theatre classes. She got the lead role in all of the plays after the first two years there.
- After she reached 15, she had all of the human boys fawning over her, and a few of the elven and ½ elven ones. She dated them all, and enjoyed being the ball of the party. Surprisingly none of them were afraid of who her father had been. They either did not know or did not care. However, none of them were that great at dancing, or did not care enough to really work at it, or they were flat/no passion in their dancing. Her and her partners never won a competition. But she got to stretch her wings so to speak. But never found that someone special. But she was in no hurry, she was young.
- Professor Ulfred’s boyfriend Bull taught her how to cook. Her mother was a good cook for either feeding a ton of people with little notice, or taking something from the trail, and making it taste good over an open fire. Bull told her that Kara was the person responsible for his first learning to cook while on the ship, and he had taken it even farther after he left the ship. So he wanted to repay Kara by teaching Rissa the extra special things he had learned from the elves.
- After graduation, Yari talked her into adventuring first before starting her career. It would give her spending money while she got small parts and worked her way up. She agreed and went with him and others to find the Wizard’s Spire. From it, she got lots of great stuff including a cool rod.
- Then she came back and worked first as understudies at Melinir’s main theatre, while doing small plays in the lesser districts. Eventually her big break came when, Anessa broke her leg right before a performance and could not go on because a cleric could not get there soon enough. Rissa did a fabulous job in the leading role, and the town reporter for theatre was in the audience that night. He raved about her so much, that the owner of the production, fired Anessa and put Rissa in full time.
- From there it was one leading role after another. The owner decided to take one of the shows on the road and they traveled far north, eventually to Domesnardt. The Gnomes loved the performance, and Rissa was enthralled with the city. She talked the owner into staying a whole year and doing several of the past performances for the Gnomes. She even met the Gnome King’s shy second son, Quactimas, who she hit it off with right away. The two became close friends, and it was with great sadness when the year was up and they had to part. He promised her he would come visit in a couple of years.
- When Rissa and the troupe arrive in town, she has the fans in the streets calling her name, asking when she will be playing at the theatre. Yelling that they missed her.
- During all those 10 years after graduation, she dated/slept with many guys, none lasting long because she found they fell into different categories; 1) they were just trying to make points with the star so she would recommend them for better roles or just a part; 2) they just wanted to brag they had slept with her; 3) They were just trying to get a backstage job to make some money; 4) Wanted to bribe her once they slept with her to make money off of her; 5) Wanted to try to steal something from her, sometimes just a memento of her, sometimes something valuable. None were interested in a long term commitment. At first some of these were fine, but after a while it got old and she felt abused.
- Rissa loved visiting her siblings and seeing her nephews and nieces as they grew up. She was jealous of their being able to find a love so deep and the great kids they had. Her roles in theatre were changing from young lovers to more mature women roles. Eventually she knew in her heart some young gal would take her place, and then where would she be. No one at home to come back too, no children in her old age. Would she ever find her true love, did he even exist?


- Growing up the son of the king was amazing. Not only did he get to play with his twin sister Sparky, but also his very close cousins Tobar and Ulfar. Tobar had been born the same day as they were, and Ulfar about a year later.
- Krunch never met Tobar’s father but he did not sound like a pleasant person. He had overheard his mother and her cousin Tola speak sometimes about him off and on, and was glad they had gotten divorced before Tobar was born. The only bad thing Krunch remembers happening was when he was 5, someone came into the nursery and stole Ulfar. And they did not get him back right away. The adults talked that most likely it had been Durbar, Tolas ex-husband trying to steal his son, Tobar, and whomever had been sent had gotten the wrong child somehow.
- When Krunch was 13, Krunches grandfather Kalistar had found Ulfar, now named Wolf, in Melinir and rescued him. He had also killed Durbar in the process. Wolf was returned to the clan to great joy from his parents. Many candles were lit that night in the Dwarven temples, for the gods had finally answered their prayers.
- It was a good time going to school with his friends and cousins. The years flew by during which he started to date Tizzy who he felt was the love of his life.
- After graduation, Krunch, Tizzy, Tobar, Wolf, Sparrow and Tabby all were sent on a secret city mission for King Kendrick. The group recovers an old manuscript that had been stolen from the dwarves that hinted at the location of the abandoned dwaren keep Kel Kalduhr.
- After that success, they were sent to search for the lost Dwarven kingdom. After a long time searching, returning home off and on, they finally not only found Kel Kalduhr but were able to clear out the undead from the old keep.
- Now it was time to populate it. Because it was the ancient dwarven kingdom, all of the clans were sending dwarves to repopulate the new keep. The one keep that felt they were the direct decendants of the old keep and were quite stuck up it, said they wanted to help lead the new keep. After much discussion back and forth, Sparky was betrothed to the son of the King of this other keep. She had met him once when he and his father had visited many years ago. She knew she felt no love for him, but he was a decent dwarf and she felt for the good of the dwarves, the political marriage was the thing to do to get the keep started with no war between the dwarves.
- They would be married at the Golden Eagle Clan in a couple of weeks once everything could be arranged.
- Since they would not be back for quite some time to come, so Krunch and Tizzy decided to marry as well while they were in Thunder Rift. They would do it a week before Sparky got married in a family only ceremony.
- When they got to the new keep, Krunch would command the army of the keep. Tizzy would lead the research into all of the documents found at the keep. Tobar, long a cleric of Clangeddin, would direct the establishment of the temples to the dwarven gods.


- Wally’s mother was not being secretly poisoned by someone sent by her father-in-law so did not die, so Wally and his father did not die. Wally is now 22 and had attended the Golden Eagle Clan studying to be a wizard. Wally was now working at the keep as an assistant to Trent helping teach the youngest wizards freeing Trent up to teach the older kids.


- Yari remembers visiting Kleine as a small boy around 5, when a man came to the door of their rental house and asked his parents to come heal his wife who was seriously ill and the clerics in town could not help. His parents had gone, and when they had returned, he overheard his father talking to his mother about having a revolution about Odin and he feels he needs to forget the past and become a true follower of Odin. From that time on Sven encouraged his children to follow Odin as well. Sven becomes very active in the church.
- Yari is influenced by his father’s conversion and enjoys attending temple with his father and decides to follow Odin as well.
- Eventually it is time to go to the Golden Eagle academy where Yari enjoyed his time at school which includes meeting finally his name sake who is a teacher at the school unbeknownst to his father. Sven and his brother make up and become good friends, with Kara and Sven becoming god parents to his brother’s child who grows up at the school.
- At the academy, the kids are all kind to him, but he never finds a guy to be a close friend. Because Sardi was not at the school and Elsie was, Yari started spending a ton of time with her.
- Because Elsie was always at the school, Yari is never temped to spend time with Verona. Because of that he never helped Verona become a better person.
- Yari decided when he graduated that he need some money to be able to show to Elsie’s mother he could care for her in a manner appropriate. He talked a lot of his friends into going to the Wizards Spire along with him and Elsie. Elsie proved valuable in battle and once killed an undead that was about to skewer Yari while he was praying over his sister who had been knocked out by another undead. In the end they were victorious.
- Once they were able to clean the undead out of the castle that once was the Wizard Spire, the others took their spoils and went their own way. Yari proposed to Elsie and she accepted. They decided to take their riches and fix up the castle and start a city for others to live in around it.
- Over the years, they did such a good job that the King of Thunder Rift granted them the title of Duke and Duchess of Svensonville. They filled the castle with elements of Yari’s childhood home and the inn Elsie grew up in. Elsie’s mother moved to the castle to help with the management of it and also to be near when they started to have children.
- Sven’s brother, Bran decided to move there as well and helped Yari and Elsie as a cook for visitors to the castle. During Bran’s time at the Golden Eagle clan he learned from Bull to cook really tasty dishes and decided he likes that better than anything.
- Sven and Kara decide to spend the winters in Melinir to be near Rissa and their other children, and move their home to Svensonville during the summers to be near Yari’s and Elsie’s children.


- Verona stayed a spoiled princess. When she met the prince who was interested in marrying her, he found he did not like her at all and declined to marry her. And eventually found someone else to marry.
- When Verona turned 18, the King tested the crown to see if she would be considered a candidate for Queen when he retired and it rejected her completely, not even a little bit of glowing. She was extremely angry and stormed out of the castle and Melinir. Quinella went with her. They traveled and went on adventures with others to get stronger in their field of study as well as make a lot of money.
- The King was heartbroken but understood why his daughter had left. He started searching for who the crown would like to replace him and train them to lead the kingdom. Greda, Franziska younger sister who died in the plague, was found to be the future Queen. So the King started training her.
- One year ago, after 9 years of training, the King was going to retire and install Greda as Queen. You all show up for the coronation. Secretly, so did Verona and Quinella. They showed up to use an artifact on the crown that would destroy it, also to kill Greda and Verona’s father. Then Verona would come back as the grieving daughter and assume the throne since there was no one else trained to run Thunder Rift. Before any of it could occur, Yari, who was in town for the coronation, got word about it and got his sister, and Franziska to help him stop them. But the Verona and Quinella would not surrender nor give up their desire for bloodshed, so in the end, they were killed, with Yari making the killing spell against Verona. Greda was crowned Queen, and the King sadly retired and died about a year later from they say, a broken heart.


Wolf was called Ulfar until he was 4 had a wonderful childhood until the day the man stole him from the nursery. Then he was known as Wolf. He was treated ok as long as he brought in enough money during the day. He had been told his parents had sold him and his only friends were Sparrow and Tabby. He had been taught to beg when young and then to steal as he got a little older.
- When he was 13, though he did not know his age, his world totally changed. An old dwarf recognized him and freed him from the evil dwarven master that was controlling his life. The old dwarf Kalistar, saved not only him but his two friends and took them to the dwarven keep that he had initially grown up in. It took time but his memories came back to him slowly. With the master not having any backing from the Lich Lord, he was caught unaware by Kalistar who killed him.
- Wolf’s parents were patient and having a little sister who adored him really helped. Eventually Wolf adjusted and he did well in school encouraged by Sparrow and Tabby who also attended the school.
- Sparrow went on to become a gnomish wild mage much to Trents disapproval and Tabby enhanced her skills as a rogue, but now used them to help others.
- Wolf still had anger at being taken at so young an age and his father had him work with the clan’s battle raggers to learn to channel his anger into a constructive manner.
- He got to know his cousins, Tobar who was studying to be a cleric of Clangenddin, Sparky a paladin of Berronar, and Krunch. He found them kind but not as close to him as Sparrow and Tabby who had experienced what he had in the city.
- Also, his cousins understood the clans need for battle raggers, but did not find it as appealing to hang around with except when needing someone to help in a battle. So his cousins and him were friends, but not close.
- Having his two close friends with him at school meant that the three of them would go searching the caves when not studying or in school.
- When they graduated, Krunch, Tizzy, Tobar, Wolf, Sparrow and Tabby all were sent on a secret city mission for King Kendrick. The group recovers an old manuscript that had been stolen from the dwarves that hinted at the location of the abandoned dwaren keep Kel Kalduhr.
- Then King Kendrik sent them all to search for and if possible reclaim the lost dwarven keep. They find it and reclaim it from all the undead and other monsters now possessing it.
- At the new keep, Wolf will lead the battle ragger group that will be directed by Krunch. Sparrow and Tabby would be joint mayors of the human settlement just outside the keep until such time as enough people moved there to warrant elections.
- Wolf is not happy with Sparky having to marry for politics. If that dwarf ever hurts her, he swears he will make sure it is the last time. When Wolf interviews dwarves for his new battle raggers group, he will have to keep his eye open for a women battle ragger, as they are the only ones who can understand him. Then he can marry, settle down and raise a family. That would bring total fulfillment to him.


- It has been ten years after graduation, and the group is gathered together at the Svensonville castle to celebrate the Festival of the New Moon.
- As a friend of the family, Franziska and Hughye, have come to the castle for the holidays.
- Clarice is climbing all over her Franziska, as Hughye and Rissa are tightening the strings on their lutes in preparation for entertaining the group once the dinner was completed.
- While the fifth child of Yari’s and Elsie’s dangles in Yari’s arms as he tries to coax the others in the corner from running around so much.
- Elsie, very pregnant with their sixth, is smiling to herself as she stirs the pot over the fire pit finishing up something that Bran had started for them before taking some food to the banquet for the villagers.
- Kara and Sven are celebrating at the Queens castle this year so are not there.
- Elsie mother, Ida is helping set the table. Her father is not there, as he died helping to rescue her from the witch a long, long time ago.
- Krunch, and Wolf are talking about some of the more unusual undead monsters they had to kill to clean out the monsters at Kel Kalduhr, the old abandoned dwarven keep. They have just returned from Thunder Rift clan to recruit dwarves to start populating the newly opened keep and are on their way back to Golden Eagle Clan. They plan to stop in Melinir to interview As well as establishing a human settlement at the base of the mountain near the opening, and getting trade set up to it. Sparky and Tizzy are not there as they are getting last minute things done at Golden Eagle Clan before their weddings.
- They had the good fortunes to run into Zen in Melinir and talked him into taking the time to visit the castle and his old friends as it has been a long time since they had all been able to get together.
- Krunch is hoping to talk Zen into having his family’s caravan starting to open trade to the new dwarven keep.
- Sardi is NOT there. The only person who has met Sardi is Franziska. Sardi is still in Kleine
- Aldhis is NOT there. She is back in Willowdale at her parent’s inn.

Their minds are strong and one by one the actual time line starts to affect the dream. At one point Krunch hits himself to prove it is not real. He wakes up to Anna in the room and she makes him go back because she is not done. Several of them also find ways to wake up briefly learning a bit more each time they do. Just able the time they resolve themselves to finding out what would have happened in this time line, the world starts to fall apart, as the Lich Lord starts to suck the life out of Gia which Rissa experiences having at last reconnected to her. They try in vain to save themselves but the world is being destroyed to allow the Lich Lord to ascend to being a God. They wake up and Anna finishes the explanation. The Gods have picked them to stop the Lich Lord for good this time. First they must stop those she has allied with seeking vengeance. Then they will have to stop her. Anna promises them that she will aide them in their time of most need.

It is a wonderful life after all even with the earthquake and plague!

AR 1216-07-22 The group learns Its a wonderful life they lead after all

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