AR 1216-07-21 Arrival in Kleine and healing Vile Damage

The group arrived in Kleine around 8 pm and went to the Hollow Sword to find Martin. Martin publically flirted with Rissa which caused Sardi to want to bash his head in. But once they got into their private room, Martin apologized to Sardi saying it was all an act. He was known in the town as a big flirt and had to keep up appearances. But Sardi was not so sure of his sincerity, but as he was their main contact at this time in the city, he just mumbled to himself about it. Yari tried to be invisible in the room, but Martin just smiled at him and wave a new ring at him. So Yari knew not to try anything against Martin using his invisibility.

They discussed how all three ship captains were now on board. That Martin would try to get some information about the people in the jail. The asked about the ware abouts of the Executioner. Martin said after killing two people in town just because they looked at him wrong as he walked through the streets, the word on the streets was that he headed toward the copper dragon and Tempus’s keep. No one knew why, but there was lots of speculation, none of it good. Krunch decided to send Who to Kalistar about it since his grandfather actually had known Tempus and Corwin who had founded the city of Thorton a long time ago. Maybe he knew someone there still and could get word on what had happened or better yet warn them.

While Rissa, Martin and Franziska remained behind, the others went into the city to go to the Clangeddin temple to get the vile damage healed. However, the group somehow got split up.

Krunch and Zen, of the two, Zen was the only one invisible, ended up at the temple where they scared the life out of a young acolyte who thought Zen was a ghost. After getting the dwarven higher up cleric, Krunch shared his Golden Eagle ale during the discussion with him. They were healed and the cleric encouraged the young acolyte to enjoy too much of the drink, ensuring he would not remember what had happen or who had been there. Krunch told the cleric they were in town to start fighting back against the syndicate, which overjoyed the cleric.

While Zen went back to pub on the broom invisible still, Krunch went on to the apothecary named ‘Hyac Jars’ run by Marianne Hyac, the Halfling female wizard from Hippogriff cave who graduated 6 years before the group. He had a couple of close calls with patrols but finally was outside the second story window using his boots of flying. He gently knocked on the window a couple of times and the windows flew open just missing Krunch. In front of him was a lady in her night gown fully prepared to cast some nasty spell at him. She inquired who he was and what he wanted with her. Krunch’s use of words was unfortunate, something about being invited in, which just made her closer to trying to kill him as she wondered if he was a vampire. Krunch was finally forced to give his full name. Marrianne then did invite him in and they discussed what he needed. She told him to bring her some special kelp from the lake and she would give it a try for the spell he wished cast. Krunch then left to go back to the pub.

Yari and Sardi, who were invisible, decided to head over to Odin’s temple instead of following Krunch to Clangeddin’s. Once there Yari let Sardi off and Yari tried to slip in behind one of the just arriving worshipers but accidently brushed up against him. The man cried out an alarm and the head cleric in the room demanded that the intruder make themselves known. When Yari did not, the high cleric cast True Sight and pointed right at Yari and he knew there was no more hiding. The cleric cast Zone of Truth and asked Yari his full name. Yari did not try to resist so declared in front of a room of worshipers who he really was. The high cleric dismissed everyone to a back room to wait for him, and then talked to Yari, assuring him after a time, that none of the others would remember that the son of Kara and Sven had been there. Yari explained why he was there, so the high cleric let Sardi in. He healed both of them, and listen to what they were planning on doing at the jail. The high cleric said he would get information about as many of the prisoners as he could. He knew one already, a bard who had gotten into trouble at a private dinner that he thought was safe to sing a song about the Burgonmaster at. But he had been wrong. The cleric also said he could help with a distraction when they wanted to do the breakout. Yari and Sardi thanked him and returned to the pub. The high cleric said was told to send a very attractive acolyte.

Wolf had decided to go to Sif’s temple instead of following Krunch and had just not told anyone. Once there he found the high priest and asked to speak with him privately. Once in the room, told him to not scream as he summoned Inuki. The priest managed to not scream and even asked if he could pet him. Inuki said yes, and the priest was amazed at how soft he was and clean. They laughed about how the group had clerics who kept him clean with spells since he did not really like water. They were both healed of the vile damage, and Wolf asked if the priest knew about that. He told him about Nails who runs the jail and how he used it. Wolf also asked if the temple would be able to help with a diversion if they attempted to break everyone out of the jail. He said he would be happy to finally be doing something to fight back against the syndicate. Wolf then had the priest give him a name of someone he knew was in the syndicate, and dismissed Inuki since all of the secret ways out of the temple had been closed by the syndicate.

Wolf made his way to the man’s home he had been told about and re-summoned Inuke. Then cast a smite on him to make him glow and had Inuki run through the city pretending to be Fenris. This caused all of the patrols and syndicate people to eventually come out of their homes and to try to kill Inuki. Along the way, Yari heading back to the pub noticed and cast more things on Inuki to help the illusion of his being Fenris. Once cornered and hurt bad enough, Inuki mentally told Wolf he wanted out, and Wolf dismissed him. Wolf hoped that someone might trace the wolf’s steps back to the man’s home.

They all met back up at the Hollow Sword where they discussed Wolf’s idea in depth, and brought everyone up on what they found out. They decided the information they had asked everyone to get would take at least a day, so they might as well go seek the treasure in the lake and proceeded to discuss how to accomplish this. At one point, they wondered if Marrianne knew how to make a “potion of swimming” so Krunch went to talk to her again. She was extremely unhappy at being woke up AGAIN. But she did answer that she knew of no formula to do that. So he headed back. Once there they finally decided that they might be able to use their flying to replace swimming in the water, and that with the water buoyancy, they might be able to put two on a broom. It was late when they got to sleep.

AR 1216-07-21 Arrival in Kleine and healing Vile Damage

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