AR 1216-07-17 To the victor goes the spoils at the Wizard Spire

August 17th

When the group wakes up, they find some of their skin covered in black mold. Seems that staying in the castle over night was not a good idea. It kind of burns but brushing it off or using magic on it does not work, arcane or healing. They go find Wolf and Krunch. Wolf cast cure disease on everyone and the burning stops and the black stuff falls off. Even Glinda’s closed up room has now been invaded by the black mold. Glinda says guess no one should stay in rooms of the castle until they are completely cleansed.

Glinda reminds the group at that point that she has agreed to the following to help them out in exchange for a place to live, food and thanks for them rescuing her.
- She will work on a way to tweak teleport so they can get around the restrictions that the hum off the rift walls is preventing it. She is not sure how long it will take. She has to experiment with some old ways her master said teleport used to work to see if she can use one of those.
- When they want she will work to permanently attune their amulates to them so it does not take up a slot. But it will most likely take a week for each of them to do it.

The group then met with the King and Queen (Kralos and Vigi) of the stone giants and worked out a treaty with them for use of the castle and surrounding area for the people they would be bringing back from Kleine. Vigi promised to work at cleansing the open areas around the castle and its courtyard. The insides she could not fit into. Her people would replant as much as they could without endangering the areas they would take the plants from. Being that it was high summer it would make it easier than at other times of the year but it would still take a lot of time to do. The giants agreed to help protect the castle from outsiders, but would not leave their mountain area to attack anyone. They all came up with a pass code to allow people to come through to the castle. The giants also agreed to provide the people the group brings, with food from their stores, and a place to live until the castle is safe to stay in or homes are built outside the castle walls (, with it tapering off as other sources are found.

Glinda declares she is going to take the stone giants up on their offer to sleep in a cave instead of staying in the castle since Wolf was leaving and she had no intention of having to find another paladin who could cure her.

While the negotiations were going on, Zen went with Bug, Worm, Ant, Petal, Leaf, Rock, and Pebble to bring his family to stay with the giants until the castle was cleansed and safe to live at. The stone giants would post a watch for the cloud giants to arrive. In the meantime his family would be the stone giant’s guests and they could work on the castle during the day. Or another option was raised for them to do by Krunch. The people they would be bringing would need food and it might be dangerous to try to get much of it from the cities of Thunder Rift. Krunch suggested they could go to the Britchwood and negotiate a trade deal with the Centaurs and Runs-Through-Shadows husband Seamus. But the question would be should they do that now or wait till the group gets back from Kleine. When some of the group could escort them there and back safely.

Glinda gives the group what little she has remaining as gifts for saving her life.

- Ring of water walking (Inuki – pierced ear)
- Scroll of Phantom Steed
- Scroll of See Invisibility
- Scroll of Arcane Eye
- Boots of Elvenkind (Yari)
- 2 Brooms of Flying (Rissa, Franziska)
- Winged boots (Krunch)
- Dust of sneezing and choking
- Dust of disappearance
- Potion of resistance
- Potion of animal friendship
- Potion of growth
- Keoghtom’s ointment

AR 1216-07-17 To the victor goes the spoils at the Wizard Spire

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