AR 1216-07-16 Storming the Wizard Spire

August 16th

In the morning Yari and Zen send a new letter to Elsie and Aldhis. Then the group heads to the Wizard’s Spire telling Zen’s family to wait for them and the giants here.

They follow the instructions that Zen says that Glinda gave him on the underground path to the Wizard’s Spire. After a couple of hour’s underground, they start hearing drums echoing through the stone. Krunch tells them it is some type of communication but he cannot tell what they are saying, other than it sounded urgent. After a short bit, they came to a large cave with several tunnels off of it. Then they could hear heavy footsteps coming but they could not tell what direction it was coming from. Some of them hid, others got ready for a fight.

Suddenly a large group of Stone Giants came charging down all the tunnels. They stopped running and were startled by seeing the little folk standing in the cave. The group talked the giants into not attacking them. They learned their names were Bug, Worm, Ant, Petal (gal), Leaf, Rock, Pebble (gal). The group ended up getting to go with them to find out the source of the alarm. Some actually got to ride on the back of the giants. They got to the secret entrance and the Giants made them stay back so they could not see how they got in.

Once pass the secret door, they entered the room, and what a room it was. It was enormous, with huge intricately carved pillars. The walls that did exist were covered with murals depicting giants fighting monsters. The room was filled with Stone Giants. At the far end stood two stone thrones side by side. In front of one of them stood a very imposing Stone Giant with an impressive stone ax. He was speaking to another giant who looked like a younger version of him. Bug, the giant that Krunch had ridden on called out to the giant near the throne in a language the group did not understand. They exchanged words, and then Bug told them the King would like to speak with them and they approached the throne.

The King, Kralos, spoke common and explained that the Queen had been taken by the demons when she had accidently gotten trapped on the other side of the barrier when it pulsed. This was the first time any of them had seen the barrier do that. The Queen was doing her weekly cleansing of the corruption that leaked out of the demon infested area. The group said they could help get the giants across the barrier and in getting her back. The King agreed to the plan and they were all taken to the spot that the giants tunnels opened to where the barrier was.

As they approached the barrier, they could easily see a room filled with demons. The demons seemed to be waiting for the barrier to fall like they knew it was finally be taken down.

Zen used his sword to cut open a hole in the barrier big enough for the giants to enter. Some of the giants went in first and the slaughter started. As the giants pushed enough of the demons back away from the hole, the group was able to start to enter as well. Seeing what they thought of as easier targets, several of the demons slipped past the giants and the group had to fight for their lives. Finally, they were able to defeat the demons that had singled them out. The giants were able to take control of the room and started to storm out of the building into the courtyard. Many of them stayed to continue fighting the demons that kept pouring out of the corridors that led to the two sides of the castle. Zen continued to keep the hole open until all of the giants were through.

The group then moved to go down the corridor to the right heading to where Glinda told them the portal could be found. They fought a lot of single demons as they moved down the hall, but most had jumped or flew out of the windows to attack the giants in the courtyard. The group fought two groups of demons that were just watching their brethren in the courtyard, taking bets on which one would win or lose. Then they found the portal. The battle for that was a bit messy, but finally the demons ran out of ways to slow them down and they took them out. The dispel magic did the trick to shut down the portal.

Then they moved to the other side of the castle through the hallways. The fighting was thinner here, but they did run into two other groups of demons but plowed through them. Finally they came upon their final battle. A Marilith was demanding answers from a human woman shackled to the wall. The group assumed that was Glinda and thought this was going to be a very nasty fight. But Rissa was able to use a special ability to get the jump on the Marilith and cast a spell. To Rissa’s surprise the spell actually affected the Marilith and the demon was unable to do anything until it was shaken or took damage. The rest of the group proceeded to get Glinda out of the shackles and away from the demon. During that time, Franziska looks in the door of a small room and sees a strange glowing globe. She is strangely drawn to it, to touch it. To touch it will make everything right. But sensing she has been spelled by something, Zen stops her before she touches it. The group then timed it so they all attacked the Marilith at the same time, and are able to kill the demon before it got to attack them or summon more demons to help it.

By this time, they heard joyous noise from the courtyard, and they found that the giants had been victorious. After extensive searching of the castle’s interior by the group, and killing a few stray demons, the area was declared free from demons. At that point Glinda took the barrier down. The country side around the castle could now be seen to be desolated by the corruption that leaked past the barrier. They could see where the Queen had tried to keep it from spreading to the mountain side, but there was so much of it, they could not blame her for not keeping all of it away.

They joined the celebration and were introduced to Queen Vigi by her son Jaft. She had many cuts on her arms and legs but other than that looked to be in good health. She expressed her thanks for helping her people rescue her before she was killed by the demons. The group offered to heal her but she ask them instead to heal her people first before attending to herself as she was only mildly injured compared to others around the courtyard. They did so and came back once everyone was taken care of. At which point the Kralos and Vigi pronounced them friend of the stone giants of the Lone Mountain.

They all went to the grand hall under the mountain and partied as the stench in the castle was pretty bad. The dwarves stayed all night enjoying the strong drink of the giants and unlimited food.

The others enjoyed themselves but soon needed to see the open sky, especially Yari. So even though the stench was bad, they wandered back to the castle. There they found rooms to sleep for the night after using cantrips to clean the room enough to be tolerable. Yari and Sardi went off to watch the stars on the top of one of the high castle rooms and discuss recent events. While there, the raven sent to Kleine saying they would be delayed, arrives with an answer from Martin. He says he it is ok they are delayed. Martin has gotten with Captain Rose, captain of the MaryAnn and all female crew. He also got with his captain, Sluggo of the Sea Gull. They have both agreed to the plan to go out more often and train their people to aid with taking back the city from the syndicate. He still needs to get with the other captain to discuss.

AR 1216-07-16 Storming the Wizard Spire

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