AR 1216-07-13 through AR 1216-07-15 Travel to Wizard Spire and Family of Zen


13th and 14th. The several days the group traveled toward the Wizards Spire with no problem. Yari and Zen kept hoping for word from Elsie and Aldhis but none came. They started to worry more and more as each day past, but there was nothing they could do about it just yet.

15th. In the morning they received letters from Elsie and Aldhis. There were two personal letters, one for Zen and one for Yari. The third letter was for the group:

While the letter goes around the group to be read, Zen’s sword, Glinda, talks to him.

Glinda tells him that the demons have found where she had hid her body and they were attempting to break in. She needs to leave the sword and try to protect herself. She tells him if they are able to break in and get to her, she will stall them as long as she can. But eventually they will wear her down and she will have to help them take down the force field that is preventing them from leaving.

When his group gets there, they have two choices:
1 – Rescue her;
2 – Shut down the portal that lets the demons come in;

Just know that until they shut down the portal it is easier for the demons to port other demons in than they can do normally.

However, if they take down the force field, the demons will run amuck in the world.

Choose which one to do first carefully.

She shows him:
- Exactly where to find her and how to take down the barrier in case she dies.
- Where to find the portal in the castle, and to use Dispel Magic to get the portal to close.
- How to get through the barrier to the castle. Pull the sword, use it to poke a hole in it, and while holding it open using the sword, have others step through. Just don’t let any demons out while they cross over.

Last, she told Zen that when she leaves the sword, it will start to charge back up and be what it was. It will take time, but the butterflies should charge up first.
- They will do an extra 1d4 magical piercing damage for each plus the weapon has.
- 24 hours after she leaves it should be charged up to a +2.
- It will take much longer for it to charge up to its full +3 it was when she took it over.
- Eventually, it may totally recover and become the legendary sword it once was. It was once wielded by a famous Elf who was gifted the sword by the Elven Queen herself. It was crafted in Elfheim. The famous Vorpal Butterfly Sword wielded by Paladin Alalasan Vararas.

That night they arrive next to the mountain just outside of the Wizard Spire. Zen found his siblings waiting for them. There was Steven (now 17), Julia (now 16), Karfinn (now 15), Thala (now 14). They looked well and so happy to see both Zen and their father alive and well.

Zen breaks the Giant’s charm not knowing how long it will take for the city in the clouds to get there. He explains what he expects to happen. Zen’s father says the kids can go with the Giant’s when they get there, but he will stay to help with getting goods for the castle.

AR 1216-07-13 through AR 1216-07-15 Travel to Wizard Spire and Family of Zen

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