AR 1216-07-10 Group gets to Kleine for the First Time

The group approached Kleine with trepidation in the evening. They had made good time on their second day out of Beach Hedge, and it was not quite supper yet. What would they find, how could they get in and not get caught. Could they find Zen’s father before the syndicate killed him trying to get information from him.

They decided to not go through the city gates until after talking to people down by the wharf on the lake. There was one huge fishing boat that had just docked and they could see two more coming in. Strangely, the next one approaching the docks was crewed by all women. Rissa left all the others scattered about, and waited for the second boat to come in. She talked to the captain and found out her name was Rose, and the ship was called the MaryAnn after her mother who used to run the ship before she passed several years ago. They made plans to meet for supper at the Hollow Sword just outside the gates the next night.

Then Rissa talked to the captain and first mate on the last ship that docked. Rissa recognized the first mate right away as Martin, a fighter from the Phoenix cave. While she flirted openly with Martin, she mind spoke to him to let him know that she was with a group from school that were trying to take down the syndicate. Martin being suspicious he was being tested again asked her pointed questions she could answer with no problem. They made plans to meet for supper that night at the Hollow Sword where he could meet the rest of the group and get information about the situation in the city.

The group went early into the Hollow Sword alone. They scattered around the room getting drinks and ease dropping on conversations. They overheard several interesting tidbits.

Fran heard one man talking loudly to another about how the medicine Aziten the Magnificent sold him last week did not do a bit of good. He talked about confronting him the next time he showed himself in Kleine

Krunh hear another man saying he was going to ask Amence to the dance at the end of july

Zen heard how a man in town named Silas collects monsters for his zoo and compound

Wolf hear a couple of farmers talk about how one of them saw some unusual tracks out by his barn. He even had a horse missing too. Wolf mind talked to Inuki who was waiting outside of town hiding. Wolf sent him to look around and see if he found any type of monster lurking around

Yari, who was invisible, deftly kept out of the way of the people moving around the inn and heard two guys whispering about how the ladies at The Wench might be cheap but the cure for whatever they give you is the expensive part

Sardi was asked by a fine dressed gentleman if he would be interested in joining his group traveling to Melinir. They could use a cleric. Sardi said no.

Ulla from the MaryAnn asked if Rissa wanted to join her the next night for the planned fireworks over the lake. Rissa said that sounded like fun and made a date for the evening

Eventually, they made their way to the private dining room upstairs where they found Martin was waiting. After ordering for dinner from a very nice menu, they got down to business. They found out that Martin and the others were kind of under house arrest and had rarely gotten together since the syndicate took out the Burgonmaster, Leonie Blanka. It seemed very well planned takeover. The syndicate teleported a huge group into the city, requested that Blanka join them, and when he and the council said hell no and pulled their weapons, they were killed and replaced by human female fighter named Hine Moana.

The four ex-students were away dungeon crawling at the time. When they returned, they were kept under surveillance for a long time to make sure they were not planning on causing the syndicate any problem. They now and then notice people watching them. They have managed to have several get together in the past 2 years since the takeover. There are too few of them to fight and they are not a charismatic group so have no idea of how to do a resistance to try to get the syndicate out.

He asked the group for help. The plan on how they might recruit and train the sailors on the three ships. They have weapons for fighting the sahuagin. They could go out more often to fish and just not bring anything back those days. On those days they could train when far away so that hopefully, no one is the wiser. Martin said he would speak to the Captains about this idea.

Wolf and Krunch are turned invisible and make their way into the city to find out what they can. Wolf jumps over the wall and Krunch climbs it easily.

While walking by the temple to Clangeddin, Krunch drops one of the very nice gems off into the donation box asking for help in finding Zen’s father. He feels his gods presence surround him and finds that his ax has magically been enhanced to +2. Feeling very confident that his god is on his side, Krunch next visits the jail and finds the people in miserable condition. He whispers to one lady who is able to tell him she saw the merchant be dragged out of the jail several days ago. He promises to try to get her out, but she is concerned about her family, that if she gets away, they just will be put in and tortured. Krunch tells her he will think about how to help them all. He next goes to the main government building. He climb in a high window and finds the Burgonmaster office. Disarms several traps and find papers indicating that Zen’s father was taken out of the city to some ruins but not which ones. He heads back.

Wolf checks out all of the alley ways and streets via the roof tops. He notes the best route around. While searching, he finds himself near the temple of Sif and jumps down and is determined to see if the temple has been converted to the syndicate or not yet. He sees several people going in and out of the front door and manages to slip in without being notice. He detects that the temple is still consecrated to Sif. While there he drop a gold into the donation box and prays to Sif. He is answered by Sif who boost his maul to +2 knowing he will need the extra power in the coming days to defeat the master. Wolf stays out for 6 hours and figures out the patrol patterns.

Krunch gets back with no problem. The group looks at the map and wonders if the ruins the papers talked about was the Raven’s Ruin. Martin tells them that Raven’s place was not really a ruins, just the name given to the building that Raven had built many, many years ago. No one has seen him for more years then Martin can remember. But he tells them that there is many ruins around the area that his group has searched off and on over the years until the syndicate moved took over.

The group decides to send Clarice, Who and Henrik (Yari’s raven that was still with him) on a ruins hunt. They tell them to look for people around a ruins.

Wolf returns around 2 pm.

AR 1216-07-10 Group gets to Kleine for the First Time

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