AR 1216-07-07 Raven arrives with message from Elsie in New Haven

AR 1216-07-06 5 pm

Dear friends,

Sorry this took so long to reply. Hope you have not worried too much about it taking so long to get it. I had get the hang of this hidden script thing, and had to translate Aldhis letter into it as well, and a new job, and …. Lots of things have happened since everyone left. Oh, where do I being.

First, the Findley’s were wonderful and still are, though we keep our distance. After you left, they gave us all the information they knew. We verified they were being watched off and on, and they knew the syndicate was a bit short handed at this moment because some of the men were sent up north to Beech Hedge for some reason.

So Aldhis and I decided we needed a different cover. We used the hats to look like guys. With neither of us being very big bosom, we felt it would not be that hard to keep up. Then we waited for the watchers to take a break and left the house. We borrowed guy clothes from the Findley’s and left as gals, went into the woods, changed clothes and became men.

Then we headed into New Haven, went to the head of the syndicate like we belong there, and said we had been sent from Melinir to replace the guys that had gone north. They seemed a bit suspicious, but then we dropped Scarface’s name, and they seemed more impressed. They said to come back the next morning and to use a chit they gave us to get a room at the inn.

We were a bit nervous that he might check on it but we decided it was worth the chance. We took turns keeping an eye out on the headquarters which is across from the headquarters to see if there was anyone coming for us or massing. But nothing unusual happened.

So the next morning we headed over, and they hired us. Said that Scarface had confirmed we had been sent so maybe Spider found him like Wolf had asked her too. Not sure, but we are in.

We were assigned to start collecting protection money from those that owed back gold. As we hit each house/place of business, we have started to feel out the people to see if we could trust them and help them as the Silver Thorn. There is such resentment here for the syndicate from the old timers. Though the new timers not so much, even the new folks dislike the silver/goods being asked for. Most of them, we collected but a few we started helping right away in the group’s name. We will work on getting the others trust. I am sure we can do it eventually, but I suspect it will take many months as Wolf told me while we were walking through Melinir.

Oh, and they are not just asking for silver, they are also getting food, goods, and sex from people. They are a pretty nasty group of people running this city. We have had to do a few things we disliked so far to keep up the pretense. Hopefully, it does not go past beating up a few people, and does not get into killing anyone. But I think at least here we are safe, since most of the people are acting like sheep and not causing the syndicate much trouble so I don’t think we will have to kill anyone, unless it is a syndicate person who has stepped out of line. And those, I would have no trouble with.

About your letter, the wyvern sounds scary. Aldhis described them to me and holy cow, Wolf actually rode one. Aldhis said they are pretty acrobatic in the sky. Sparky, Tizzy and her saw a mating pair once on the walk about to the dwarven keeps. They kept their heads down so as to not attract attention, and just enjoyed watching them. I can just imagine Wolf riding one. Holy cow, it must have been a wild ride.

Poor Wolf, I am so sorry to hear that Inuki died. He must be feeling so bad about losing him. I am sure glad he was able to get his years back. I am sure Sparky would not have really minded, but I am sure she will be happier that he is his normal self.

What is this deal you made with the vampire? Please explain! Do I need to do a test with you guys when we meet up to make sure none of you are a vampire?

Another reason the letter is late is because the Raven went to the Findley’s. It took them several days to find an excuse to get near us to hand it off. And then an extra day to get my responds back to them secretly. So keep sending the letters to them as I do think having Manfreid fly down to me would be a bad thing for our cover. Just know that it might take many days before you will get a reply.

We have seen no sign of Olief’s caravan yet. Hope you find them soon and warn them about being careful.

Your friend

AR 1216-07-07 Raven arrives with message from Elsie in New Haven

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