AR 1216-07-04 Haunted Tower Part III

In the morning, before going into the tower, they notice a Wyvern on one of the towers flat roofs with babies and hope they don’t have to deal with it.

In the tower they have to fight through numerous undead, one in particular, a Death Knight, keeps running from them and sending waves of animated objects at them. During one of the crossings from one tower to another, the wyvern goes after Wolf. He decides to teleport on to the back of it. It flies off with him on her.

To try to help Wolf, several of the group get to the roof where the babies are. In particular, Yari threatens the babies, knocking one of the out. This enrages the mother and she flies back to the nest with Wolf on top. She lands on the roof and tries to kill Yari. Zen and Krunch try to take her out as well. Clarice tries to be a peace keeper while all of this is going on. Meanwhile, Rissa does not like the thought of trying to climb up to the roof, so opens the door on the level 2 below the roof to see if she and Franziska can get to the roof another way. But they find all they have done is find more animated swords to fight, so Zen goes to help them so they don’t die from lack of front line fighters.

Just about the time those on the roof think they might actually live through fighting the wyvern, the father flies in to protect his family. Yari goes down, Krunch knocks out the mother and drags Yari away. Wolf uses his god gifted power to make the father afraid of him so he cannot get closer. He walks over and heals the mother wyvern to the surprise of Krunch as he takes Yari off the roof. Wolf then makes a hasty retreat off the roof which allows the father wyvern to make sure his family is ok after all.

Below, the fight finally turns in the groups favor they think, when the Death Knight attacks those on the bridge on the level above with undead wolves. The group almost loses Zen who rushes in to take them on, but after everyone gets into the fight, they are able to destroy the Death Knight.

The group finds a bunch of armor and weapons along with boat load of magical items ( See 1216-07-16 Haunted Tower on the Accounting Summary page):

(6 long swords, 3 rapiers, 4 short swords, 6 long bows out of elven black wood so still good, 7 short bow out of elven black wood so still good, 5 quivers of 20 arrows of elven black wood so still good, 8 axes, 1 maul, 3 splint mail, 2 full plate, 4 ½ plate, 3 chain mail, 2 splint main, 5 shields)

Before leaving the Haunted Tower, Krunch sends his owl to search for Zen’s family caravan to warn his father he is in danger. Yari sends a note to Elsie.

They travel the rest of the day toward the Wizards Spire. That night Who, the owl, returned with word that they were too late. Zen’s father had been taken by the syndicate. The rest of his family have left with the caravan as his father requested since he did not know how long he would be held. The goods they had collected in Kleine would perish, so they were obeying their father’s wishes to deliver them.

AR 1216-07-04 Haunted Tower Part III

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