AR 1216-06-25 Torlynn

The group travels to Torlynn and find a city that seems to be easily in the pocket of the syndicate. There was little resistance to the syndicate.

History of Toriynn: A town of about 500 people in its heyday. They lost 100 people to the plague before the miracle mostly the young and old. 700 people live there now. They lost only 10 people to the syndicate when they moved into the city. Those killed were just the disliked Burgonmaster (Simon Yair) and some of his guards when he decided to not cooperate. This was because he was already syphoning money into his own pocket and did not want anyone telling him what to do or taking a cut of his profits. The head of the council (Oprah Tamari) that supported the Burgermeister, decided to not fight, as they had heard what had happen in New Haven. Oprah now pays protection money and has gotten to like the extra income flowing into her pocket at well. It is more than she was getting as a cut before from Simon. So she is now a supporter of the syndicate. The protection money the syndicate is asking for is less than what the previous Burgermeisterwas taking (known as “Simon the greedy”). So folks actually like the new rulers as it is more money in their pockets.

Ex-Golden Eagle students living in the city had been trying to get proof of the old Burgermeisterevil deeds to try to bring them to light when the syndicate took over. They realized they could not fight the syndicate alone so did not try. Because they caused no trouble, they were not run of town like in New Haven. The group gives them 200 gold to start to allow them to help poorer folks to pay for protection. They are told to say the money is from the “Silver Thorn”.

The group is made up of:

Hughye – human male bard from Hippogriff cave graduating 2 years before the group (likes Franziska)
- Parents – Asim and Blossom (bakers)
- Sister – Erika (Sings with Hughye at the pub)

Geoffry – human male wizard from Hippogriff cave graduating 2 years before the group
- Parents – Pelle and Clara (on the council)
- Sister – Ashley (server at pub – see below)

Rut Esthiru – halfling male fighter from Phoenix cave graduating 6 years before the group
- Parents – Lisa and Facio (cobblers) halflings
- sister – Annslee (helps parents with shoes)

Karine Lange – half orc female rogue from Gargoyle cave graduating 8 years before the group
- Mother half orc – Natasza (cook at pub) – renown cooks and paid very well
- Father half orc – Veiko (cook at pub)
- No siblings

Pub is the famous Yellow Rose.

AR 1216-06-25 Torlynn

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