AR 1216-06-18 The Group Catches up on what has been going on while in Alfheim

Things you found out:.

- The city is now 3 times it’s former size and is broken up into 11 sections. I will be posting what you know in a Wiki today. You will see the map next game day when you get to Melinir. [DM aside: I have tried posting a picture of it but it stinks.]
- The guards still are looking for you and that now includes Zen and Sardi (but not Elsie yet)
- When entering the city, the guards frisk random people or those that look like adventurers or merchants to find what stuff they have that looks like it is salable, and charges 1% of what they deem the items to be worth in one of the two market places. Trying to hide items from this tax is punishable by imprisonment and a surcharge of 3% the value.
- Those wearing weapons openly must present papers saying they are part of the Mercenary Guild. These papers are NOT forgeable. And trying to forge them and getting caught is punishable by hard labor, and possible being sent to the island. The cost of the Guild is 3 gold a year for each person. Taking jobs for any type of guarding in the city normally require the Mercenary Guild papers being shown to the person hiring the guards.
- The new wall is patrolled heavily
- There are now sections of the population living outside the walls
- The island caused the shore line of the lake next to Melinir to recede, and now the port at Melinir is on the river that runs through the valley and into and out of the big lake “Ganif”.
- Priestess Annabelle (of Idun) and High Priestess Gallemore (of Sif – that one that rescued Wolf) used to openly try to fight the syndicate (IE: Gallemore was the one that had the vision from Sif that your group was in trouble and sent Spider to help). In particular they are the ones that rescued Zen’s father from being interrogated about the location of the group. In Jan 1215 (days apart), both their old temples were burned to the ground losing many clerics in the process. Annabelle still has the burns on her arms from helping to save people from the fire. She wares them proudly (has not had them completely healed) to remind people about it. The temples were rebuilt in the new section of town and are now run by others not so gunho and may actually be in league with the syndicate as it is rumored that they are the ones who donated the money to rebuild the temples. Annabelle and Gallemore have teamed up and created an orphanage in the city taking in the street kids, trying to prevent the syndicate from having so many desperate kids to recruit from. They send most of the kids who have gotten too old for the orphanage to Hidden Valley.
- There are now schools that have been started, to rival the one in Golden Eagle Clan. However, they are more separated by specialty.
- Queen Verona and King Falson is expecting their first child any day now.

Hidden Valley:
- Elsie was attacked about a month after the group left Hidden Valley by Brog. Clarice protected her and died while killing Brog.
- Brog was buried in Willowdale and Elsie stayed in Walden with Kara and Sven.
- Bran (younger brother to Rissa and Yari who did not go to the school because the year was full of dwarves from the clan that was destroyed), moved to Willowdale and started helping Dean and Ida with the Inn. Turns out Eliza had been teaching him how to cook. He loved doing it and wanted to do that not fighting. After he proved he really wanted to continue at the Inn, Kara and Sven gave him the money they had saved up for school. He used that to help Dean and Ida expand the Inn to three times the size. They are doing so well, they have hired out three of the orphan kids that Annabelle has sent to the valley to be safe.

Golden Eagle Clan:

- Nothing major has occurred while you have been in Alfheim
- The next year of students started and is a mix of races, however, none from Thunder Rift, only from Hidden Valley.

AR 1216-06-18 The Group Catches up on what has been going on while in Alfheim

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