AR 1214-10-21 Tizzy loses everything

As the group made their way toward the keeps door to outside, Tizzy’s father approached them. They could hear Tizzy behind him, “Da no. I want ta keep it. Da, please! Just one thing, please da!”

He stopped before Wolf, held out his hand. “I hear ye might be seeing Krunch soon. If you do, give this back ta him. He no longer has me permission to court me daughter”.

He dropped the cloak pin that Krunch had taken so much time to make into Wolf’s hand. Then he turned around and walked away gently grabbing his daughter’s arm and leading her off. “Sorry lass, it is na ta be.”

Tizzy looked over her shoulder at Wolf with tears streaming down her cheeks, her heart breaking in two, as that was the last of the items that Krunch had given her. Her father had already tossed all of the stuffed animals he had won for her at the circus into a fire. Now she had nothing to remind her of him. Nothing but the love that still swelled in her heart.

AR 1214-10-21 Tizzy loses everything

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