AR 1214-10-20 Sparky and Tizzy wave good by to Krunch

It was quite chilly in the Eagle overlooking the pass to Hidden Valley. Tizzy and Sparky had hurried there as soon as they had heard the news that the trial was over and the results. They watched as Krunch came out of the keep escorted by Obir, Laris and Moe.

Tizzy gave a gasp, “No, it not be fair. He didn do it. He wouldn steal from his family.” Her tears started coming unbidden.

Sparky held her tight while she cried on her shoulder. Sparky held her tears in, she would not give Obir the satisfaction of causing her to cry as she watch her brother be exiled.

They watched as Krunch got farther away. Suddenly he looked back. They each held up a hand as if to reach out and touch him one final time. They knew the torch light behind them would clearly show their action to him, even at that distance. He reached out his hand as if to return the gesture, then let it fall, turned and continued away.

Soon after they heard the fierce steps coming up the stairs. “Where is he, has he gone out of sight yet?” As Sparky’s mother crested the top of the stairs. She rushed over and looked for all she knew, one last time at her son. “Damn them all. They did na even give me a chance to say me goodby to me son.”

Sparky looked at her ma, and realized that for the first ever, she was seeing her cry freely. Big tears rolled down her cheeks. Not even when her ma, had heard her father and mother had died, did the tears flow this much.

Shar, rubbed her sleeves across her face as the last shadows of Krunch passed out of site. She turned toward her daughter, “I be goin to the forge if anyone wants me.”

In the past years, Ma had only worked the forge when she needed to take her anger out on something before she spoke with someone she was extremely angry at. She did not envy Obir when her ma talked to him next. She would not hold back her thoughts on his manipulations of events. She had better warn her da.

AR 1214-10-20 Sparky and Tizzy wave good by to Krunch

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