AR 1214-09-28 Krunch hears a Hoo

Krunch looked dubiously at the scroll “I do na’ think I can store any more spells in me head. It’s full of all tha etchin’s it will hold.”

Tizzy put a comforting hand on his arm “Ye do na’ need ta store it, ye can cast it once an’ na’ cast it again. Ye can read it can ye not?”

“Hmm I guess I can” Krunch furrowed his brow “It’s na’ beyond what Dumathoin blessed me with, but like I said” tapping his head “Ain’t na more space available at tha moment. Ye sure this will work?”

“Oh aye, once ye summon yer companion it’ll be yers fer good.” Tizzy looked thoughtful “Unless it dies or ye dismiss it. I do wonder what form it’ll take?”

“Well, thars only one way ta find out.” Krunch studied the scroll for another minute, then slowly and carefully recited the spell stored on the scroll. As he spoke, the arcane letters glowed with a forges light while light smoke rose smelling not of burnt parchment but of hot metal.

As Krunch finished the spell the scroll burst into flame, leaving a cloud of smoke that was quickly dispersed by a light breeze that smelled of spring and sunshine. The couple backed away carefully as a rift opened in mid air, briefly exposing a window into a land full of life and light, in contrast to the early fall foliage that surrounded them. A large owl flew thru the opening before it closed with an audible snap.

Tizzy shook her head “Well, that’s never happened ta me. Maybe ye shouldn’t be usin’ scrolls any more than need ta be.”

Krunch merely blew on his singed fingers “Hmmph. Ye sure Trent didn’t curse tha scroll on ye?”

Tizzy merely shook her head as she stared mutely at the owl preening itself on a nearby branch.

Krunch walked over to the owl, smoothing it’s chest feathers with the back of his fingers. “So, what be ye’re name?”

“Hoo” responded the owl.

“Nice ta meet ya Hoo. I look forward ta workin’ with ya.” Krunch responded, only then realize that he had not spoken the words out loud. He continued in a soft voice “Rust take me”.

“Are ye going ta introduce me ta yer new friend?” Asked Tizzy. “If he’s ta be carryin’ messages fer us I’d like ta get ta know him a bit.”

“Aye.” With a sweeping bow “Lord Hoo, this be me lady Tizanera Highbrand. Tizzy, this be Hoo.”

Trying to keep her eye on both Krunch and the owl, she asked sarcastically “Ye named yer owl Hoo?”

“Na, tis his name! He told me!”

“Ye’re an idiot sometimes.” Tizzy said without heat out of habit. “He looks different than I’d expected … I’d expected more … feelin’ like he’s from dwarfheim.”

“He comes from the land of the Sidhe. Says … ” Krunch turned slightly red “says he comes from the land of the Sidhe. Acause of me grandma’s heritage.”

“Well as fascinatin’ as that is, will it work? If ye get kicked out acause of a third strike, will ye be able to use him ta send me messages?”

“Oh aye. I can talk to him, he’s smart enough ta find this place an’ find me again.” Closing his eyes Krunch frowned. “I look strange.”

“I could’a told ya that”

“Funny.” Krunch waved his hand “I got it. I be lookin’ at me like I look at other people. That is, I be used ta seein’ me reflection in tha mirror.”

Tizzy punched Krunch softly in the arm “What do ye be talkin’ about?”

Opening his eyes and shrugging lightly “I can see through his eyes if I need ta.”

“Ugh” grunted Krunch.

“What’s wrong?” Asked a suddenly concerned Tizzy.

“Nothin’, we just need ta work a little on communication.” Krunch answered as a spit “Hoo let me know he was hungry. Mouse is his favorite. Raw. Mouse.”

Stifling a chuckle Tizzy speculated “I think thar’s plenty o’ mice outside tha east gate. They were deliverin’ some grain last week an’ spilled quite a bit.”

“Let’s go.” Krunch said. “Maybe we can stop an’ get some ale ta watch out me mouth on tha way.”

AR 1214-09-28 Krunch hears a Hoo

Thraes Aljergensen