AR 1213-12-06 Letter from Handmaiden Jesse to Kara about Queen Verona sacrifice

Dear Lady Kara,

Hopefully this letter finds you well and that Hidden Valley was spared the plague that hit Thunder Rift.

You need to know what happened the night of Dec 2nd, 2013.

We were in dire straits. Over 1500 of the town had fallen sick to the plague that had attacked Thunder Rift. I could feel I was starting to catch it. We had already lost more than 700 to it. The Prince had it bad and I did not think he would live through the night. He had denied a healing from Priestess Annabelle earlier in the day and had insisted he could beat it on his own and that she should use her once a day healing on my son, Michael, who had gotten the illness. You remember him, he would play with Siffles when you visited the Queen. We have been living at the new castle because my husband and his parents died in the quake last year, so we were some of the last to get the sickness.

I was aiding the Queen, who had not yet taken ill, with taking care of the Prince at the castle. I had just left the room to fetch some fresh water when I had forgotten to ask her if she wanted me to also get some food for her to eat for dinner. So I turned to go back and heard talking coming from the room. I peaked in and saw a figure with wings talking to my lady.

He asked her “What would you give to have him healed as well as all your people. To have this plague removed from your land.”

And she said, “Oh good sir, I would give anything or everything to have this illness gone from my lands.”

The being replied, “So be it?”

Then a flash of light and I woke up in the morning, laying on the ground outside of room where it seems I had fallen. I heard my lady exclaim in joy. So I got up and ran into the room. I found that the Prince was awake and his fever broken. I too, no longer could feel any sickness in me.

My lady sent a runner to the city while I got food for the two of them. They returned to report that everyone was healed. Priestess Annabelle was crediting all the prayers to the different gods that the clerics and people were offering. But the Queen and I know differently. She never said anything and I have not asked her about it. I do not know what the Queen gave up, but I believe her sacrifice was worth it.

Her majesty and Prince Folson were married on Dec 5th as planned, but it was very small. I held the train on the dress her new mother-in-law brought her. It was very joyous. They seem to be very in love.

I hope all is going well in Hidden Valley where I hear you are now a Mayor.

Hand maiden Jesse

AR 1213-12-06 Letter from Handmaiden Jesse to Kara about Queen Verona sacrifice

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