AR 1213-06-21 Fortunes told from Betsy

Betsy’s fortunes

Wolf – Hmm, I see you are a king’s son. Your kindness for the children is great. I see two shimmering figures standing behind you feeding you power, but with such great power comes great responsibility. Be careful what you choose to do with it. The future is somewhat cloudy, but there it is clearing now, I see you two older dwarves crying to see you go holding a little boy dwarf. There is a younger girl dwarf hugging you begging you not to leave again. I see another lady dwarf hiding behind a throne who is sad to see you go as well but cannot show it. Now, I see a big city but you look different. You have dyed your hair a different color and your beard has grown in.

Yari – I see your current life is waning. The power behind those that birthed you is changing, and will not be able to aid you in the coming darkness. You must strive to do it without them. Hmm, cloudy, very cloudy, ahh, it is clearing now. I see you kneeling…. your arms are behind your back. I feel something being pressed onto your head. Such a heavy weight. It is like the world is coming to rest on you. You are trying to not have your knees buckle under the heavy sadness and pain that you bare. The rest is too far to see clearly, you must make your own way after that.

Krunch – I see you are king’s son and are kind and brave. But there is something else I see that is clouding your heritage. A male dwarf with red hair. You are his son also. Very confusing. Hmm, the future, I see him releasing you from your bindings. He is embracing you. I do not see which is the truth and which is the falsehood. You must find that out for yourself.

Zen – You come from a traveling family I see. So many miles, so many people to meet. A life that many would envy. Clouding up…..ahh, it is clearing, oh, what do I see, such sadness. Your crying and your friends are holding you. I am sorry, but great grief is coming your way soon. Ahh, that is past, your fortunes are changing. I see a very large being and a cloud city. Opportunity has come to aid your family’s fortunes if you can only see it and use it to your advantage.

Arrissa – I see a great power behind you. She is to be trusted as she has all of our futures at stake. Hmm, it is clouding up again, wait something is reaching out of the cloudy darkness. A skeletal arm, it is now attached to a skeletal women, strange that she can walk, she has flesh hanging off of her. Such ugliness not only outside but inside of her as well. Wait she is reaching for a gem on a shelf and looking around as if she senses my intrusion. Oh, no, she is waving her hand and speaking. It was she who has died many times, but still lives. She walks again, destroying as she goes. Aahhhhhhhhhh and Betsy collapses. (Rissa hears in her head Gaia speaking “That is the one. You must destroy the gem to stop her from destroying me”)

AR 1213-06-21 Fortunes told from Betsy

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