AR 1213-04-15 The aritifact crown is located

Tim Wessly was moving boulders in the fallen down palace to a wagon. Looking carefully each time in case there was something special to be found under them. Something shiny caught his eye. He lifted a few more smaller stones and found what everyone had been looking for. The crown. He rushed over to the only other person working this early morning with him. He said nothing just dragged her over with a look.

Priestess Annabelle, moved carefully to the crown. Covered it with a soft cloth and put it into a bag. “This is between just you and me right Tim?”

He looked at her, “Yes priestess, I understand the need to be quiet.”

She packed up her things and walked over to the judge’s chambers where she knew she would find the Queen in audience. She came in the back way and moved behind the Queen’s chair where no one could see her. She pulled out the crown and it did not even glow slightly. She put the crown back in the bag and made a quiet sigh. She walked out of the chambers and went to her temple.

She put together a letter to King Kendric about putting together a group to start a new search like he had done before when he found Lin Sue. Then she waited for the right people to send it with and hid it in a place no one would think to look with as many protections as she could magically conjure.

AR 1213-04-15 The aritifact crown is located

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