AR 1213-02 Things in Melinir improve enough to go back to school


1st to Feb 16th. Yari continues giving the reports for the temples. Verona is slowly coming to terms with what happen. The nightmares are starting to not occur each night.

Yari and the other kids continue to sleep at the temples and off and on at Sven and Kara’s home

Feb 20th. Yari is requested to attend a private lunch with the Queen. He goes and Verona tries to give the ring back, saying they should revisit their relationship after he graduates, but Yari refuses. In what would be considered treason in anyone else, he tells Verona in no uncertain terms that she is going to keep the ring, she is going to wear it, and every day she is going to think of him at least once. Also, that after he graduates, he is going to come back, and they are going to get married. Stunned by his brazenness, she acquiesces saying “I hope our fates will bend to our desires,” instead of agreeing that, yes, they were still going to keep their engagement. She also tells him that she forgives him for having her away from her father. Annabelle has helped her see that it is not his fault. She knows now that she too would have died and the city would have been worse off with no authority figure at all and the crown having been buried and still not found yet to declare who should take over the city. She tells him it is only because of his helping her grow up that she did not spend the treasury on a huge funeral for her father and order a ton of new dresses to replace the ruined ones. This meant that the government had money to help with not only the rebuilding of Melinir but also the other cities in Thunder Rift that were damaged heavily.

Neither Yari nor Verona ever speaks about their It’s Complicated engagement to anyone. Only if Yari tells someone will they know about it. Or if Elsie is arm twisted to tell someone.

Feb 23rd The kids hear the way is clear and decide that the city is now in good enough shape to go back to school.

Then find out that for the past two months the following has been occuring

- High priestess Thorlina uses divination to locate a purple worm. Trent and a large contingent of dwarves teleport to the worm and he uses charm monster to dominate it then has it follow them back through the teleport circle. They use the worm for 7 hours and then send it back. They do this day after day to clear out any tunnel that is only rocks including the pass between the valleys and to the Silver Mountain clan. They also use it to clear the pass to Nervana, the town just outside of Thunder Rift. For the cave and tunnels, the dwarves do manual clean up after they are done using the worm. The humans, mostly Zen’s father’s employees, do the cleanup for the pass so the caravans can get through. Clean up took almost 2 months to get things back to the point that the tunnels can be traveled again by caravan.

24th The kids start on their way back to school

28th. The kids spend the night in Willowdale at the Pesky Peacock which took some damage but has been repaired by now. They hear the good news from Brog, that Elsie and him are going steady and that he has given her a ring. She seems happy about it as she serves them and she asks how Melinir faired from the earthquake and is surprised to hear about the King dying and that Verona is now their Queen. She looks at Yari who seems far away, but gives her a bit of a smile. She tries to get a chance to speak with him later alone to see how it went with Verona.

AR 1213-02 Things in Melinir improve enough to go back to school

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