AR 1212-12 And the world they know crashes and burns



Golden Eagle Clan

Final preparations are being made for the big dance to start at noon, when at 11 am, Vorga has a vision of the impending earthquake sent by Moradin. She runs to warn King Kendric and Queen Shar. They split up, Shar finds Trent who initiates the evacuate alarm that was installed at the keep right after Guido’s father had Quac’s family assassinated. The alarm is set up to also sound so that all of Hidden Valley and the Elves know that danger is coming.

Kendric contacts King Ovim of the Thunder Rift clan who is entertaining a group of dwarves from the Silver Mountin clan that had come because his Eamon his grandson (and Wolf’s father’s brother) had chosen a dwarf women from that clan to marry. Ovim decides this is a bunch of crap and does not tell anyone nor evacuate the keep.

Kendric contacts King Norster and he takes the warning seriously, and using a similar alarm system evacuates the Silver mountain clan caves. Few are injured when the quake hits there, though the destruction is not as bad as it is farther from the epicenter.

Kendric tries to contact King Yusoko but there is no answer. This make Kendric worry about his children but says a quick prayer to Moradin and helps out with the evacuation and is the last to leave the cave.

The keep is completely evacuated by the time the earth quake hits. There are only minor injuries from hasty exiting or minor steam burns by turning off the forges quickly. After the quake subsides, a few are killed by falling rocks before King Kendric calls for another strategy for clearing the rock out of the caves.

Many trees in the forest fall down, but no elves are injured because of the warning. Nym and Aerith Dawnfall, head of the elven council, visit to thank the king for the timely warning. They ask what they can do. King Kendric asks that they send scouts with supplies to the Thunder Rift clan to find out what happen there since King Ovim is not responding to the message stone anymore.

King Kendric also asks for a place for his people to stay until they can clear enough rock from the caves. Nym agrees to allowing everyone to stay in the elven forest where it is fall and not as cold as outside it. This allows everyone to survive. Clerics memories create food and water and are able to produce enough to keep everyone going.

King Kendric sends runners to make sure the towns of Hidden Valley are ok or if they need assistance and to find out if the tunnel between valleys needs repairs. The runners return and report that little loss of life and minor injuries. The people are ok with doing their own clean up and have enough food. The tunnel has become impassible.

Thunder Rift Clan

At the 12th hour 12 minutes and 12 seconds an earth quake of unimaginable intensity strikes the Thunder Rift clan’s cave. Their keep is utterly destroyed. Everyone in the caves die. Including King Ovim, Queen Marta, Their son Gimer (Queen Shar’s brother) and his wife Addiane (parents to Rogi and Elda who are Wolf’s parents). Last, Eamon, Rogi’s brother also dies. This leaves Rogi and Elda king and queen of Thunder Rift, or the few that are left from the clan.

Because, the day had been clear, a bunch of kids had talked the adults into allowing them to up to the top of the steppe to throw snowballs. They take guards just in case of an orc attack. This allows them to survive when all else dies when the entire Thunder Rift cave imploded in on itself from the earthquake centered there.

After the collapse, the survivers realizing it is hopeless to dig, start the 30 mile walk toward the elven valley. They have 25 guards a few are related to the kids, 24 kids that are between the ages of 12 and 16, 45 kids between the ages of 6 and 11. It is getting very dark and they are still 10 miles from the edge when they are met by the elves. They explain what happen and the elves use their magic to warm them all up, get the food and water, and protect them from the cold for the night. In the morning they walk to the edge and down the now rocky edge as it imploded as well from the earthquake. The elves take them using their magic to King Kendric and Queen Shar who are deeply sadden by the loss of family members, but over joyed at seeing how many survive.

Over the coming days, now King Rogi and Queen Elda decide that they will not try to dig out the Thunder Rift caves, but instead leave the dead buried as a memorial to the clan. They request asylum for the Thunder Rift clan dwarves who have survived from King Kendric and Queen Shar. Rogi asks his clans man to not refer to him as king, but a few do still out of reverence to his father and grandfather.

King Rogi and Queen Elda talk to different dwarves and make matches for the orphans. They adopt 1 boy aged 6 as Elda has begun to miss having a young child since Nalia is not 10, and Wolf is 16. The boys name is Noda (no direct relationship to anyone).

King Kendric and Queen Shar adopt a boy who is 6 also. His name is: Korti.

The dwarves between the ages of 12 and 16 are set up to be in the next Egg group starting in June. They are still adopted out so they have family to support them, but this gives them training and a purpose. The remaining warriors are placed into the Golden Eagle clan fighters into their own units.


Dec 1st. The kids travel from the school to Willowdale where unknown to all, Yari and Elsie officially break things off romantically. They agree in earnest to remain good, close friends forever, but Yari’s planning to propose to Verona. He tells Elsie that; she’s genuine happy for him. It’s a bittersweet parting, again, but more sweet than bitter, unlike last time.

6th. The kids arrived from the school. Wolf had invited Sparky to show her things in Melinir. Krunch invited Tizzy to show her Melinir. Zen invited Aldhis to get to know his family and them her. Sardi was going to go stay in Beechhedge with several of his fellow students, but jumps at the chance to spend time with Rissa when she asks. Verona stays with her father the king for several days catching up on what is going on with the kingdom since she has developed an interest in it now that Yari has helped her curb most of her spoiled bratness. With plans to stay with Yari after that. When all but Verona, drop Franziska off at her house, they are invited the next day to her 16th birthday party.

Yari lets it be known that Verona is coming to stay in a couple of days. That sets off a panic for cleaning until Yari says don’t and that Verona has changed and if she has a problem with the house having a live in look, then tough. So no cleaning is done, just lots of fun like normal.

7th. The kids plan for what costume they will wear at the dance on the 10th. They all go to Franziska’s party where Yari gives her a carved wolf.

8th. The kids help work on the costumes. Yari skips out at some point in time to go into town to buy the ring. He also picks up a few other gifts for his friends.

9th. Verona arrives to Sven and Kara and they are very surprised by the change in her. Her maturity and manner amaze them. They complete the costumes. Wolf goes off by himself to check on the state of the thieves guild only to find the leader of it has turned over an honest leaf. This was helped by Captain Matt who got the palace to pay for honest work from the guild. The children are well fed and getting training in a craft. In essence the city is in great shape. There is still poor but it is so much better than most large cities.

10th. Everyone goes to the costume party and has a blast.

Sparky and Wolf – Sif and Thor Verona and Yari – clothed in flowers Sardi and Rissa – Devil and Angel Zen and Aldhis – Shambling mound and woods women Mathew – Heimdall Sven and Kara – Odin and Tir Kids – 2 ravens of Odin’s Franziska – Red riding hood and big bad wolf Krunch and Tizzy – Two headed Ettin

Unknown to ALL: At the dance, when King Yusoko goes to talk to Yari about his plans for his daughter, Yari before the King can start, asks for the kings permission to ask Verona for her hand.

King Yusoko hesitates, and Yari reminds him of the promise he made those years back that, “If I can ever do anything for you, just ask and I will,” for tipping him off about Guido. He also mentions other things and waits for the kings answer.

The king insist that Yari is young and not a noble. Yes he is a decent catch, but he wants time to think about it as he had been also negotiating with another king for his second son to marry his daughter. No Verona had not met the prince yet, but King Yusoko felt they would be a good match. And it would be a good political match for the country. King Yusoko had not told Verona yet about it. He had thought of Yari and her as just a fling, and actually their being together made him realize that she was growing up and that is why he had contacted the other king to set things up. He had had a fling similar to Yari and Verona, but he had abided by his parents request to marry a Princess and had fallen deeply in love with her. He had not thought Yari and Verona were getting this serious. But if his daughter loves Yari, (if he is her one true love) he will allow it to make her happy. But he has to think about if the other can be let down in such a way to not offend the other king as he does not want a war with that kingdom over this. Yari may ask his daughter to see if she wants this marriage and that there are soul mates. King Yusoko ask Yari to let him know what Verona says.

Verona and Yari sneak away from the dance early. They spend the night under the stars, somewhere secluded. Yari proposes there and explains about the fact that he had asked her father and even though Yari is not a noble, that if she felt he is her soul mate he will give his blessing. She says yes and they both agree to keep quiet about it for a while, but she wears his ring. They go to find her father after that, but he has gone to bed with word not to be disturbed as he is not feeling well. Verona will not bother him with this but will tell Yari they can tell him later that it is what she wants. She knows his schedule and says there is time on the 12th between the lunch they have planned with his family and going out to the pubs.

By mutual consent, the two decide to have a long engagement, waiting until they graduate to get married. Verona is all excited about the idea of a huge, combined graduation/marriage ceremony.

11th. Wolf takes Sparky into the city to show her where he used to live, and introduces her to the two friends that died at that spot as if they were there. She understands his grief about the events that took place there and greets them. He also takes her to the temple of Sif and introduces her to the high priestess who saved him. Sparky is very happy to finally meet the lady who she has heard so much about. The two hit it off. The high priestess shows Sparky where Wolf stayed there and how the temple takes in the orphans and helps them become productive members of the city. Sparky takes notes as she is impressed by the workings of the temple.

Verona has a hard time containing the joy she feels and Yari has to take her for long walks so she does not spill the beans, until she gets more use to the idea. They talk about when to tell the rest of the family, but do not come to an agreement yet on when.


11 am – King Yusoko never gets the message from King Kendric because his dresser that day kept the message stone in the box. The dresser is later found with his head missing so no questions can be asked of him about why that was done or if it was intentional.

Quinellia, Beckum and her parents arrive for a lunch with the King.

11:30 am

Everyone else meets up at the Feisty Chicken for lunch. They are such a big group that they take the entire place up.

At the 12th hour 12 minutes and 12 seconds

The earth quake rolls through Melinir shaking buildings apart. They are all able to get out of the pub before large amounts of damage occur to it. Zen and Aldhis had the hardest time of it and others have to help them get out.

Rissa loses her balance and falls to the ground, and in the process asks Gaia what is going on. Gaia asks to see through her eyes and she allows it. Gaia says be right back, and says, the shaking is not her nor normal but she can stop it. Soon after that the quaking stops, but it had gone on for almost 3 minutes and a lot of damage throughout the city had already occurred. Gaia tells Rissa that next time tell her sooner. Rissa decides soon after that to get more fully involved with Gaia by becoming a warlock of Gaia.

The group takes stock of the damage and what they want to do. Verona is adamant she must get to her father at the palace, but Yari talks her into helping the poorer children first and letting his mother and father go in that direction to check on the Sven’s parents first and then the palace and then Kara’s parents, which is all very near to each other. Verona finally agrees.

Zen wants to check on his family and Franziska on hers. But that is in the opposite direction of the poor section of the town that will see little help if any from the guards. Franziska sends her hawk familiar to the Red Duck pub where Zen’s family is, and then to Franziska’s family home. The hawk reports back that it looks like everyone is ok.

The groups split into two. The kids going toward the poor section of town and Kara, Sven with their younger kids, and Tizzy going the other way to check on parents and the palace.

Along the way all are slowed by people holding children who have died or are dying. Screaming people saying folks are trapped. Some they help with quick 1 point of healings, some they say sorry and move on.

They get to the temple of Sif and find that the temple is ok, and the children are trapped but crying out so alive, and the priestess and priest are digging them out. Knowing there is a place to bring others back to, Wolf and the rest continue on.

They get to the house that Wolf visited on 9th and find the leader of the group digging through the rubble. The group pitches in and they are able to rescue most of the kids alive. Healing is done to help the seriously injured and they are sent on to the temple of Sif for a place to stay since the house is destroyed.

The group then splits into smaller teams of two and start helping individual people either save hurt members of their families or dig people out. Eventually, Verona is overwhelmed by the carnage when she finds a dead baby smashed in the ruble. She looks at Yari and tells him she is leaving and going to find her father. He can come or stay she does not care. Knowing there is no changing her mind, Yari follows her to the temple.

At the temple, he finds his father and mother helping the injured and that the palace is pretty much destroyed. Sven holds Verona back and says I’m sorry your majesty. We got here too late. Understanding what the more official title means, Verona breaks down. Yari holds her and his father looks at him and tells him that Quinellia and Beckum and her parents also were killed at the same time.

After crying uncontrollably for about an hour, Verona having released her grief comes to accept she must be Queen and put the city first. Stands with Yari’s help and starts commanding those around her to report, and then sending them out to find out more about what state different places are in. They are all surprised by the grown up Verona but jump to it.

She asks Tizzy to stay to be scribe once she can find pen and paper. She asks Kara, Sven and she looks at Yari, him also, to go help with coordinating healing and communication with the temples. Yari balks at leaving her, but she tells him in no uncertain terms that he needs to leave her because at the moment she is very angry at him for her not being her to save her father. She realizes this is irrational, but it is what it is. She thanks him for helping her to be prepared for this moment but she wants him away from her for the time being. Yari agrees to leave for the moment and goes with his parents to do as she commanded.

Yari returns to his friends and tells Sardi that his brother Beckum died. Sardi breaks down. Rissa comes over to find out what happened and Yari tells her. Sardi cries into her shoulder.

Once Krunch reaches the temple he investigates about the message stone and find that the king did not have it on him that it is still in the box his parents gifted him with. He uses it to communicate with his father who is overjoyed to learn his children and most of the others are alive. He gives him an update on the two clans and tells him to inform Wolf when it is appropriate that he is now also a prince. Krunch chooses a good moment in the days ahead to share that news but tells him right away that his family is fine.

Kara and Sven find Lord Backman dead in his chair clutching his special boots. They believe he died of a heart attack during the earthquake. They take the boots and give them to the kids as he would have wished.

13th. Verona puts the King on display for all of the people to walk by during the busy recovering in the city to allow them to see he is really dead and have time to mourn his passing.

15th. The kids dig a grave for Beckum and Quinellia and buried them in the cemetary. They each say something nice about them.

16th. Verona stands near her dead father on display and the clerics of the city of each religion talk about how great a King he was. Then he is buried along with all of the rest of the people who died in the cemetery outside of town. The markers are all poor ones because there is no time and money to spend on the dead. The Queen makes sure that everyone has a marker for their grave. The king’s is the same as everyone else’s as she says it should be as he was a man of the people. Everyone is surprised at her frugal ways but thank the gods for it.

14th through 31st

Wolf and most of the other kids work in the slums to help them rebuild and find parents of kids that got separated.

Sven and Kara are working in the slums with the Queen’s blessing helping with the work that Wolf has started, and the group working there use Yari as a runner initially running between the religious factions and healers in the city to make sure the various clerics and physicians are best utilized, and that the triage centers are operated as best as possible. And that ends up eventually becoming his full time position. He’s young, but Yari’s up to the task. He’s well known in the city as a good boy, with a strong head on his shoulders, and people listen to him. He gets the job done, though it literally takes up all of his time.

Yari and the rest of the kids have barely any time to sleep or see much of each other, other than in passing. They sleep most of the time it is in the temples near where they are all working. Sven and Kara sleep at home because they have their own kids to care about as well. But come back every day to help out.

Yari finds out over the coming month that Verona is having nightmares (waking up screaming her fathers name or just screaming) about the blood and guts she experienced and not being with her father in time to save him with her sorcerer powers. She has dreams where she is there and saves her father. Other dreams where she is there, but fails miserably and holds him while he dies. Yari asks priestess Annabelle who has experience with this type of thing to talk to the Queen. Annabelle helps her out. What help Verona cannot accept from Yari at this time, she gets from Annabelle.

Verona is seen wearing a new ring on her non marriage hand that no one knows where it came from (Yari’s ring)

Yari gets the feeling when he does get into the audience room with his parents who report on how things are going at least once a week, that she is cool to even seeing him to the point of she twiddles with the ring and he wonders if she would give it back if he pushes to get her to talk with him yet.

AR 1212-12 And the world they know crashes and burns

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