AR 1212-12-06 A Bedroom Scene

Sardi and Rissa sat next to each other on her bed. On her lap was a box of mementos from her childhood, which she was showing to Sardi: drawings she made as a kid, ribbons she won in grammar school, playbills of the plays she had been in, and so on.

Yari appeared in the doorway. “Whatchya doing?”

Rissa rolled her eyes. She had been alone with Sardi for ten minutes at most. “Just showing Sardi some of my stuff.”

“Cool,” Yari said as he entered the room and sat down on the bed next to Sardi. Yari put his arm around his friend’s shoulder and pulled the boy’s upper body a few inches closer to him, so that Sardi was no longer leaning towards Rissa. Yari pointed at the playbill in Rissa’s hand which announced ‘starring ELWOOD FLYNN’ in bold lettering. “Hey Sardi, has my sister told you about her first crush, on that guy Elwood Flynn?”

Sardi laughed, “You have a crush on Elwood Flynn?”

Had,” Rissa stressed, “I was eleven. Hey, you know who Elwood Flynn is?”

“Sure,” Sardi replied. “You’re not the only one who had a crush on the greatest musician this valley has ever seen. He’s so dreamy!”

Rissa and Yari both stared wide-eyed at the boy sitting between them.

“Haha. Joke!” Sardi said. He was not entirely convincing.

Rissa patted Sardi’s knee. “Well, if he’s in town, I’ll introduce you to him.”

At that point Yari and Rissa’s little sister came running into the room and ducked underneath her bed. She stuck her head out briefly with a finger to her lips insisting on the teenagers’ silence. A moment later Gulbrandr entered the room. “Where are you, Siffles?” he said seeking the hider.

“Gee, where’s Math? Let’s get the whole damn family in here!” Rissa said in frustration. She cocked her head toward Sif’s bed for Bran’s benefit. Yari slapped his twin in the back of the head for giving up Sif’s hiding spot.

The youngest Svadilfarsvenson boy picked up a doll from his sister’s bed. “Come out, Siffles. Come out, or your dolly gets it!”

“No!” the little girl cried, wiggling out from under the bed. “Give her back!”

Bran held the doll above Sif’s head in a game of keep away. The girl leaped up and managed to grab hold of one of the doll’s arms. As she attempted to pull the toy away from Bran’s grasp, the doll’s arm ripped off in her hand. Old man Beckman, sitting next to his hearth, could probably have heard the anguished scream that issued forth from Siffles.

“Bran!” Yari said jumping to his feet. “Careful!”

The younger boy protested, “It’s not my fault! She did it!”

Rissa chimed in. “Say you’re sorry, Bran.”

“But it’s not my fault!” the boy huffed.

Rissa persisted, “Say you’re sorry or we tell Mom.”

Bran grumbled. “Sorry.” He threw the maimed doll at Sif and trudged out of the room.

Sif, in tears, picked up the doll and held her up to Yari. “You can heal Jessica, right?”

Yari touched his hand to the doll. “There, she’s in no more pain. But she’ll have to live without her arm for a little while, until she gets a new one. She’ll be just like Mommy when she lost her hand. You remember that story?”

“Yes,” she said between sniffles.

Sardi spoke up. “Siffles, can I see Jessica?” As the girl nodded, Sardi placed the severed arm touching its shoulder and said a few magical words. The arm bonded seamlessly with the body once again. “There, good as new.”

The girl’s mouth opened wide in amazement. She threw her arms around the cleric in a big hug and said excitedly, “I love you Sardi!”

Yari chuckled. “Siffles, I think you just stole your sister’s line.”

Rissa picked up her pillow and bashed Yari over the head with it. Siffles laughed. Rissa turned to the little girl and said, “Hey Shittles, why don’t you and Jessica go play downstairs.”

“Rissa, stop calling her that,” Yari insisted through gritted teeth. “She’s old enough to know what it means now.”

The young girl giggled. “Shit means poop!”

“See!” Yari said throwing his hands in the air.

Rissa pointed to herself, “Hey, I’m the one who had to change her dirty diapers all the time. Believe me, the name fits!”

Still giggling, Sif said, “I’m a stinker!”

“Yes you are,” Rissa said affectionately. “Now run along.”

“Okay,” Siffles said, departing with her doll clutched closely to her chest.

Rissa turned to Yari. “You can run along now, too.”

“Naw,” Yari said, squeezing in between the two and putting his hands around both, “you were just saying the other night how we don’t spend enough time together. So here I am. I’mna stick with you guys as much as I can.” The stress he put on the last half of the sentence filled Rissa with dread.

“Great,” Rissa said sarcastically.

Sardi chuckled at the twins’ antics. “How about both of you take me into town and show me your old haunts.”

Yari and Rissa each secretly wished he had chosen a different word, as their thoughts immediately turned to the Thornbury house. The twins looked at each other, not needing any magical powers to know what the other was thinking about. They shrugged and said in unison to Sardi, “Sure.”

The trio went into Melinir and despite Rissa’s early wishes that Yari not be there, they all had a wonderful time together.

AR 1212-12-06 A Bedroom Scene

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