AR 1211-12-31 Wolf learns to dance

Having heard Wolf say he did not know how to dance, two days before the party, Sparky enlisted Nalia (Wolf’s Sister) got Wolf to come to the danger room. There they surprised him with the room set up with dwarven dancing music and fake dwarves dancing. Together they talked Wolf into learning to dance the dwarven way. He found that it was completely different than human dancing. Instead of being mostly slow and two people dancing together, it was instead very energetic and multiple partners or competition between individuals.

One of the competitions was where the first person made an athletic move. The second person imitates the first move, and makes a second athletic move. The third person imitates the first two moves, and adds a third move. This continues until the dwarf can not do all of the moves. The moves are very physical and less dance. Things like “walking on your hands”, “Russian/Greek Kicking feet out while squaltting”, “Cartwheels”, etc. That dwarf drinks from a huge mug of ale, then starts the game over again making the first move of the next set. The game keeps going. When a person fails three times, they are eliminated from the game, though they take a drink before they stop playing. The game continues until there is only one person left who then gets to drink the remaining ale in the mug as a reward along with winning bragging rights and a ribbon.

Another game is a single or double person dance off. Who can dance the longest without resting. The dance they do is highly physical, not just waltzing or swaying like the weaker humans dance.

One of the non-competition dances is a line dance that make moves that are very physical. Different songs call for different moves that are repeated after a bit.

The last one is a couples dance off. Where they dance an old dwarven dance. Each couple take a turn and everyone votes by clapping on who won. The couple can choose which song for the dwarven minstrels to play. Then there is the non-dancing songs where everyone sings old dwarven ballads and drinks at certain spots in the song or at the end, depending on the song. Sparky and Nalia will teach Wolf the most popular dwarven ballads.

Sparky and Nalia also teaches Wolf how to do a few of the human slow dances. He finds them boring but easy now that he has took to the dwarven dancing.

At the end, Sparky is sure that Wolf will have not problems fitting in at his first big dwarven dance.

AR 1211-12-31 Wolf learns to dance

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