AR 1211-12-30 Afterglow

Sardi lay on the floor, panting in exhaustion, his brow moist with perspiration. Rissa, equally winded, reclined next to him and said with a smile, “That was amazing. I had no idea you could be so passionate!”

Speaking between gasps for air, Sardi said, “Yeah, that was great. But you completely wore me out, girl.”

“Oh I’d say your stamina is pretty impressive,” Rissa said. “I mean I was just here to look pretty, you did all the work. And man, did you give it your all.”

Sardi blushed at her compliments. He placed his hands behind his head, which had the effect of causing his biceps to flex.

Rissa reached over to squeeze one of the bulging muscles. “And who knew you were so strong? When you held me in those strong arms, all I can say is, wow! You know, I’ve never had a guy take me all the way before.”

“Well I’ve never done that with a girl either—first time for both of us. I didn’t even know if I’d be able to perform like that. It felt better than I could have imagined. Man, I feel like a stud.”

Rissa giggled slightly. “You should.”

Sardi grinned. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready to go again.”

“Damn, boy!” Rissa said. “Take it easy.”

“I’m not a boy anymore, I’m a stud,” Sardi said feigning arrogance, “A young, virile, stud of a man. I can do it all night long, baby.”

Rissa could stand it no longer and burst into laughter. “I think that’s enough dancing for one day. Let those muscles rest, Stud. Lifting me all the way into the air puts a lot of stress on them. You are going to be sore tomorrow.”

“I’ll just have to have my boyfriend give me a massage,” Sardi said with a wink.

Rissa was quick with the comeback, “Your arms? Or something else?”

“I thought you weren’t going to talk about me and Yari like that anymore?”

“Well if you’re going to leave me openings like that, I’m going to take them.”

In a deep, sexy baritone Sardi said, “Ooo yeah, ‘taking openings’ sounds even better than a massage.”

Rissa stood and shook her head at him. “Goodnight, Stud.” As she walked to the theatre room exit she called back over her shoulder, “Get some rest. I am going to wear you out again tomorrow.”

Sardi spoke quietly to the empty theater, “Looking forward to it.”

AR 1211-12-30 Afterglow

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