AR 1211-12-28 Rissa Gets Asked to the Dance by Sigfuss

After dinner, about a week before the party, Rissa is looking through books about ghosts in the cave’s library.


Rissa looks up and see Sigfuss Onundson standing near. He is a younger human classman in the Gargoyle cave with copper hair and dark blue eyes. He has gotten his height at a young age and when you look at him it is eye to eye.

“I just recently heard you had an experience with an actual friendly ghost a couple of years ago. I would relish the chance to speak to you about it. You see I am fascinated by ghosts and spirits and thought all were evil.”

Rissa proceeded to tell Sigfuss all about not only the nice ghost boy but also his scary ghost father. After an hour Sigfuss had exhausted his curiosity about her adventure and seemed very impressed by it.

“Er, ah, I was wondering, if no one has, you probably are, I mean your so nice someone must have…”

Rissa confused by his stammering said “Sorry what are you talking about?”

Screwing up his courage he got to the point, “Would you like to go to the dance with me!”, then he started stammering again “I mean, that is, if you have not been asked already.”

“Oh! You’re asking me to the dance? Really?” Rissa could hardly believe the fickleness of fate. What tragic timing. Where was this kid a day ago? She then noticed the light go out of poor Sigfuss’s eyes.

“Yeah, really. I know, it was silly of me to think…” The boy looked totally dejected, “you probably don’t like me.”

“No, Sigfuss, I’m sorry. That came out totally wrong.” Rissa felt terrible for the guy. “I do like you. Well, I mean, I don’t really know you that well, but you seem like a nice guy. And you asking me out isn’t silly at all. In fact you asking out an older girl is pretty damn brave. I am truly flattered.”

The boy’s eyes perked up again. Crap, she just gave him false hope. Now it was time to stab him through the heart once again. “But I sort of already asked, I mean, someone already asked me to the dance.”

“Oh, I understand,” the young boy said to the floor. “Of course someone as pretty as you surely has lots of boys asking you out. Well, thanks for not laughing at me at least.” He turned toward the exit.

“Hey Sigfuss,” Rissa said, “I hope you still go to the dance. If you do I promise I will save one dance for you. That is, if the girl who does go with you won’t be too jealous of me. Because I have a feeling the next girl you ask is going to say yes.” Rissa hoped Sigfuss wouldn’t notice the subtle charm of bardic magic whe wove into her inspiring words. Here was a boy in need of a confidence boost, and it was all the better if he thought it came from within himself.

“Thanks, Rissa,” he said with a smile.

Rissa added, “And if you ever want to talk more about ghosts, or whatever, don’t be afraid to ask. I can always use a friend.”

“I would like being your friend.” And Sigfuss walked away with a smile on his face.


A couple of hours later, Sigfuss found Rissa. “Rissa, Sybeth said yes. You were right. Thanks so much.” He gave Rissa a big hug.

AR 1211-12-28 Rissa Gets Asked to the Dance by Sigfuss

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