AR 1211-12-26 Franziska is asked to go to the party by Hughye

It is the week before the big party and Franziska and Clarice decided to go for a walk outside the keep just after lunch. Franziska was considering trying a Comprehend Languages ritual to see if Clarice’s growls, howls and body language actually comprised a language that could be understood by the spell. Suddenly, Clarice gave a slight growl indicating that someone was approaching.

“You know, she is very beautiful. Would she let me pet her?” asked Hughye, a human male Bard upperclassman from the Hippogriff cave. He stood about 20 feet away with his hands held carefully in a neutral position.

Hughye is short and thin bard, with tangled auburn hair and soulful brown eyes. Franziska had heard he was a hopeless romantic, and had already gone through all of the upper class women looking to find his one true love. She wondered if he was starting on the younger classmates.

Franziska motioned for Clarice to sit and that the Bard was a friend. Hughye walked closer, and squatted down so he was more in line with Clarice’s head, then he gently petted her. “She is so very soft.” Clarice wags her tail as Hughye pets her and seems pleased at his attention. He looked up at Franziska and hesitated “Ahh, I was wondering, would you allow me to escort you to the party next week?”

“Uh, well” Franziska stammered. She really hadn’t thought much about the party. All of her concentration had been on her studies at the Academy, her efforts to communicate more effectively with Clarice, and practicing her magic. She saw the hope in Hughye’s eyes and couldn’t think of a way to turn him down without hurting him.

“Ok, that would be just fine” she finally answered.

Clarice whined, Hughye looked at her, “I do believe she wants to go also.” He got on his knee, “Beautiful Clarice would you accompany us to the dance?”. Clarice laid her front chest on the ground while keeping her hind legs straight and yipped once at them, with her tail wagging the entire time. “I do believe she said yes.” He smiled up at Franziska. “She seems to really understand. Have you tried any spells yet to try to communicate with her?”

“Yes, Rissa has been helping me using the Speak with Animals spell. She’s the best friend I have. And of course Clarice will come to the party.” she replied, hugging her wolf friend. “I wouldn’t go otherwise.”

“Ah, good you have great help then. Rissa is a very talented young lady. Well then I will pick you up at your cave 15 minutes before the dance starts. Or do you want to go at go earlier or later?”

“No, fifteen minutes before the dance starts would be perfect. We will be ready.”

“Oh, let me know if you gals need any help with the spell and Clarice. My father is the animal trainer in the circus that comes here every two years.”

He chuckled, “He use to claim I spoke dog even before my bardic training.”

Then he looked sad, and petted Clarice a few more times, “There are days I miss traveling with him, but after he got Maggie, his mammoth pregnant, I was very glad I was not with him anymore.”

He paused again and then seemed to take solace in petting Clarice, “I was never so mad at him. I had told him repeatedly that Maggie was not very happy being with the circus. And then he goes and does that to her. Guess he thought it would make it all better.”

He got a far away look in his eyes, “He was so cute and she told me she called him.” And he made a funny noise with his mouth, “I had never seen Maggie so happy and sad at the same time. She told me she wanted her baby to get out if nothing else. I was considering raising some money to buy her from my father and take her myself to a herd, when I heard that they broke free and got to the top of the steppe. I sure hope they are somewhere safe now with another herd.”

He paused again, stood up and looked at Franziska, “I’m sorry, I don’t normally talk about this kind of stuff with others. But I guess I thought after rescuing Clarice you of all people would understand.”

“I did get to see the mammoth at the circus” Franziska told him. “I didn’t know her name was Maggie. She looked really sad and I felt sorry for her. I was really happy to hear she escaped with her baby. Mammoths are pretty strong critters so I would guess they had a pretty good chance to get to safety, but doing it with the little one would have made it harder. Maybe someday after this whole Orc thing is taken care of you can travel to the area they would have made for and see if you can find them.”

“Well,” she continued, I really should be getting back to my cave. I’ve got a lot of studying to do.” Thanks for inviting me to the party. I bet it will be a lot of fun.”

“I sure it will. I look forward to going with you and Clarice.” And he pets Clarice one final time and walks away.

AR 1211-12-26 Franziska is asked to go to the party by Hughye

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