AR 1211-12-23 Zen and Aldhis kneeling in a cave

Zen was walking along in the morning about a week before the party, and came upon Aldhis, an upperclasswomen from the Pegasus cave. She had black hair and light amber eyes and would have been very pretty except for the numerous horrific burn scars.

Aldhis was on her hands and knees searching for something on the ground with her books to the side of her.

Zen stopped, “Aldhis, do you need some help?”

“Yes please, I seemed to have dropped my earring and can’t find it.”

Zen and Aldhis hunted around for a few minutes and Zen was the one who finally spot it in the edge where the wall meets the floor.

“Here you go. Safe and sound.”

“Oh, thank you.” Aldhis looked at him with a bright smile on her face. She took the wayward earring and puts it in her ear, asking “Are you going with anyone to the big party next week?”

Zen paused than said, “uh, no I wasn’t I was still considering how to justify my continued presence here in light of the recent orc activity. My family, er father, is a little over protective …. I want to see the world, and he wants me running caravans back and forth in a small corner of it. How about you, where do you want to go next, you graduate soon?”

“I still have another year and a half till graduation. Then, I will hire on most likely to King Kendric. They took me in after the fire that killed my family so I want to repay them.” She held out her scarred arms, “Sadly, they were not able to heal completely the burns on my arms, legs and neck. At least here at the school and cave, folks don’t stare as much. How big of a family do you have?”

“Its pretty big, I’m the oldest of 6, which means I’m “the responsible one. My parents actually like each other and I think they have decided to try and staff the family business with family. I’m not going to gush or complain about family, that would be insensitive. They are important. Hanging around with Krunch, Wolf, Yari, Rissa and Franzeska, reminds me of my siblings. I could sit and watch Krunch and Wolf bicker all day, don’t tell them that. And I swear Yari and Rissa live to pick on each other, they sound like Steven and Julia. Have you made any close ties among your cave or your specialty?”

“Not really, I am the only human gal in in our year.” She lowered her head, “I used to have a big family like you have described. So it’s been kind of lonely.”

They were both silent for a moment. Then Zen looked at Aldhis, “If you have no one lined up to go, then I would be honored if you would accompany me to the party.”

Aldhis smile started small and then went from ear to ear, “I would love to go with you Zen.”

Zen walked Aldhis to her next class talking about his brothers and sisters antics, making her laugh over and over again. He found he liked making her laugh and ceased noticing her scars somewhere before leaving her at the classroom.

AR 1211-12-23 Zen and Aldhis kneeling in a cave

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