AR 1211-06-17 Zen sends letter to brother Steven about the Orc test


There are some amazing things going on. I really hope you get to come up here for the next term. Just always remember that you represent the Borgan Family Trading firm, and any serious trouble can affect the family business. Your classmates will be the sons and daughters of customers, competitors, and rulers. I’m not talking about sneaking off with a girl for a clandestine kiss (I highly recommend this), or getting caught drifting off in history class(I don’t recommend this unless you have a fondness for flying chalk).

More serious matters may come your way, you may have to fight to keep your inner daemons from shouting down your better angels. Some accomplishments may have to stay unsaid, no matter how just or righteous the cause. You may have to delay action if the risk of discovery is too great. One may take decisive and potentially self destructive action, only to later realize that had they gone to say the druids, or rangers one may not have had to act rashly in the first place.

On a lighter note we frustrated one of the instructors, I think a relative of Krunch’s. We were set up in a no-win situation, but nobody told us, so we won. Magically simulated Orc encampment: 12 Orcs and an Orog leader. The objective, rescue the child they planned to eat. Three teams tried and failed. One tried frontal assault, but had to break and run, the other tried truce/negotiation and a little charm, but while orcs have no real resistance the Orog does. The third I do not remember.

We planned a diversion, with a snatch and grab. Here’s the best part, we had a bard, a mage, and a cleric. They did their thing and made it appear as if the Orc deity himself had come down to chose a new leader of their little band. The orcs bought it! Once an orc was “chosen” he went off at the Orog. The Orog took him out in 1 swing. So our casters made it look like another was “chosen” and that one attacked his leader. All the orcs were gathered around watching. While this was happening, Krunch snuck into the encampment, grabbed the hostage, and Wolf and I covered his retreat. The casters withdraw and we got away.

Later, I swear I saw smoke coming out of her ears, the look of consternation on her face was priceless (I think she was both amused and angry). Apparently we were supposed to go in, get overwhelmed, and retreat. I thought we retreated rather well, after we broke her puzzle. No I didn’t say this out loud. She wields the grades, and a battle ax.

As a reward our group received 9 circus tickets each. I used mine to buy some goods from the circus and sold them to the others here once the circus left. It’s how I was able to send that note to father so quickly. Sorry if he pulled you off of a caravan, but there are things that need to be done in town during a crisis and the old man needs to show you.

I haven’t even told you about the real Orcs, but our father should have shared that note by now. I’ll fill in some of the blanks when I see you.

Love to the others.


AR 1211-06-17 Zen sends letter to brother Steven about the Orc test

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