Ulfred's Identity

Introduced to the party when he literally fell from the ceiling and was nicknamed Butterfly, Ulfred had a mysterious past. He had vague memories of different lives, and he was recognized by some individuals such as Trent. At the final party at Buggle’s he was given the option to remember what he had forgotten. What he discovered:

You hear a woman’s voice, that you somehow recognize as Idun. The goddess of healing and immortality has a simple question.

“Do you really want to know?”

Your name was Hod. The Blind God. God of the suffering, the crippled, the infirm. You gave hope and warmth to those who needed it most.

You are a murderer. You didn’t kill just anyone. You killed Balder, god of poetry, beauty and hope. You are responsible for the war between the gods spiraling out of control, for Odin’s obsessive near-madness with punishing Loki, for the inevitable destruction of Valhalla and the near-destruction of mankind. You. Killed. Hope.

Because of you, Odin no longer laughs, nor feels joy.

Because of you, Odin is now the god of war and slaughter.

Because you were a fool.

You could blame Loki for putting the spear made of missletoe into your hand. Frigga had made all things under the sun and stars promise to do no harm to the most favored of all the gods. All of the other gods were laughing and joking as everyone threw weapon after weapon at Balder only to watch them harmlessly bounce off. Even Thor’s mighty hammer had no effect. But Frigga had forgotten the missletoe, so Loki made a deadly spear from the lowly plant.

Loki put the spear into your hand, guided you, directed your throw. For a moment you felt powerful, felt like a warrior. The moment was cut short by Balder’s scream of agony that echoes still in your ears as the spear sunk deep.

Odin pretended to have you executed. Maddened by the death of his son, he secretly wanted you to suffer.

You are cursed. You are destined to live a multitude of lives, each time reborn as a mortal trying to stop Ragnarok, knowing that ultimately you are destined to fail.

Idun, the granter of immortality is the one that gave you amnesia. She did it as a blessing.

But you are a fool. You will never know a night’s sleep again. Every time you close your eyes you will hear dying Balder’s scream of agony once more.

Ulfred's Identity

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