AR 1219-08-20 Destroy the Lich Lords Phylactery

In the morning over breakfast the group who slept at the keep, were introduced to a beautiful human woman named Agatha. She admitted to having been Granny, but explained she was hesitant to admit who she was the night before. She had been exhausted and she did not know if Trent still loved her.

It was obvious to all that he did and none of them had ever seen him happier.

A bit after that, Yari and Zen teleported back to the dwarven keep. Trent and Agatha called a meeting with the group. Yari and Zen were introduced to Agatha. Trent explained the plan he and Agatha had hatched after the two had dinner.

Silverthorn would teleport to just outside of Beachwood, and he handed Franziska a stone that would take them there.

Silverthorn would approach and wait on the highest hill that overlooked the old town until they saw the Lich Lord teleport away. Agatha’s farseeing said they would see this occur.

Agatha, Trent, and a bunch of dwarves were going to teleport into Ishtar and threaten Lady Kolfina’s realm. This would make her leave her treasured phylactery in its place of hiding, since she would not want to chance having it with her.

This would only work if she did not know Silverthorn was there near her old home. So they must be stealthy.

After the Lich Lord leaves, it would be up to them to make their way to the old house fighting through whatever she had placed to protect her phylactery. Trent looked with confidence at Franziska, knowing her abilities were getting close to his and she could handle the undead mob he had seen when getting the stone.

Trent warned them that as soon as they destroyed the phylactery, that the Lich would leave the fight and come threaten the group. At that time, Agatha, Trent and the dwarves would make their escape and get back to the dwarven keep. Hopefully, it could all be done with no casualties.


Sparky was in the group of dwarves that would go with Trent and Agatha. She reassured Wolf she would be fine but was not about to be left out of the fight, though she had promised him to stop fighting. She had borrowed a magical weapon from her mother and was ready to help be a distraction so the group could finally kill the Lich Lord once and for all. However, Wolf would not hear of her not having her Holy Avenger. Instead of taking it as a backup weapon once the Maul was destroyed against the phylactery. He gave her the weapon back and would not hear of her fighting, even if it was briefly, without it.

Sparky, tried a maneuver to make sure Wolf had it anyway, by giving it to Krunch, but Wolf caught wind of it when Rissa cast a spell on Wolf that lasted for a day, giving him the ability to easily see through Sparky’s ruse. After being confronted by Wolf about the deception, Sparky relented and took her Holy Avenger back.

Krunch wanting to still have Wolf to have the Holy Avenger tried to do a switch, but Sparky stopped him. It would be as Wolf asked she told Krunch. She would not go against his wishes.

Wolf told Sparky he had only heard a “Good” from the Summer Queen in response to his sending the message “Returned, have Tinneth, and Agatha rescued. Deal resolved.“


When the group was ready, Franziska teleported them using the stone from Trent.

Krunch and Yari crept up to the top of the hill, they look down into a sea of undead. A few more trickle in from the sides as they watch. It was as if the Lich Lord was summoning them from what use to be the Misty Realms. The area around the town looked around 160 feet by 160 feet and it was wall to wall undead.

It was not long after they identified the building they knew to be the ancient home of the Lich Lord, that they saw her storming out, give hurried instructions to someone still in the building and then teleported away.

They called the rest of their party to the top of the hill and Franziska cast her Meteor Swarm spell and destroyed most of them.

All that was left were 4 groups of different types of undead then they have ever seen before. They decided to fight them first, in individual groups as they moved toward the house. They were far enough apart to give them a chance to catch their breath between fights.

They were able to do those fights with little difficulty. Once at the house and dispatching the Giant Pumpkin monster and the Undead beholder, Krunch looked through a crack in the wall and watch the undead lich like Mind Flayer cast banishment that caught Yari just after he had finished healing Rissa.

Sadly, Yari disappeared, but the gods must be favoring them, because in his place Olaf appeared again. Though this time he was wet from head to toe, even though he was in his armor. A rubber ducky fell out of his hands as he figured out he was needed again and grabbed his great hammer. He thought to himself, really Thor, you couldn’t pick a better time to snatch him from a much deserved bath.

So on his turn Olaf being quite pissed off, decided the undead Mind Flayer needed to die. So he cast Blade Barrier in the house in the hole that Franiska had just made in the solid wall.

Zen charged in and got off a hit before the undead Mind Flayer, stunned him.

With the roof almost completely tore up by the Blade Barrier, Wolf had Inuke sit on it and it crumbled, then Inuke turned upside down and positioned Wolf so he could attach the undead Mind Flayer. Much to everyone’s surprise he stayed in the saddle because of his cape that let him spider walk on ceilings. The undead Mind Flayer did not like this, so he had his Shield Guardians attack Wolf and almost dropped him.

Olaf was going to heal Wolf, but because of the Globe of Invulnerability around all of the monsters, and the Shield Guardians casting counter spell, he decided to use his lighting attack in his hammer to push the undead Mind Flayer away from the Shield Guardians and into the Blade Barrier.

The undead Mind Flayer had had enough and misty stepped away so he could get as many as possible in his stun attack. He got two of those off, but only got Inuke stunned before Wolf misty stepped near enough and finally killed the undead Mind Flayer.

At which time they figured out that the undead Mind Flayer was another lich, that would most likely come back to haunt them or their family in the future as it did not have its phylactery in the torn up house.

But they were able to find the Lich Lord’s phylactery there. Knowing that time was of short, while Olaf healed those that were hurt, Rissa began playing the lullaby, and talking about all the things they had learned about Sonia.

Rissa was persuasive enough with help from Krunch and Zen, that the ghost of Sonia come out of the phylactery. After a bit more discussion, during which they learned that Sonia had madness overcome her when she read the book of Vile Darkness. Later on, Lady Kolfina managed to get the Eye and Hand of Vecna. Sonia warned them, that the Lich Lord normally tries to kill any cleric when fighting so they can not heal others. She ultimately agrees to cross over once they destroyed the vessel she was tied too.

So, Wolf swung his mighty maul, putting all of his concentration into placing the head of the maul square on the phylactery when it completed it’s downward swing. There was the sound of breaking glass, and a weird explosion that did not push anyone back, but did cause a foul stench to breeze by all. When they looked up the Maul and phylactery are no more. All that Wolf has in his hands was the wooden handle that his father had carved so intricately.

Unknown to the rest of the group, an aged paladin who had lived in the Holy Avenger, now turned young again, materialized where the maul head hit the ground. She stood tall and straight. Wolf could only think that she must have been a magnificent paladin in her day.

Then Sif appeared, Anna and her embraced. Anna smiled at Wolf and they both disappeared. Wolf looked up with a smile on his lips and realized no one else had seen what had transpired.

Once everyone had stopped coughing from the noxious fumes that have spread everywhere, a bright door opened up near Sonia’s shimmering figure. “Well I guess it’s my turn. Thank you for reminding me of who I was. I realize I need to go face the consequences of my actions. May the Gods look favorably upon your actions, now and in the future.” She walked through the bright opening and it disappeared.

Just as you were wondering what’s next, you hear a loud and angry voice, “So my son’s attack was a distraction, a ruse.” You look around and do not see anyone or anything, but the voice continued. “I cannot undo your destruction of my phylactery, but I can go to Niffleheim and get my soul back so I can forcefully, stuff it back into a new one. When I get that done, you and your love ones will all pay for this inconvenience.”

The group knew that there was laylines less than a mile away. They would have to trek there fast, but sadly, no one in the group had Plane Shift memorized. They would never make it in time.

Suddenly, a dragon orb appeared in the middle of them and they heard a voice in their heads. “I never had a chance to introduce myself after you rescued me from Dalsein. My name is George, and you look pretty used up for going against that Lich. Maybe I could return the favor for your freeing me.”

“I can offer you a pocket dimension, where you can fully rest and get your spells back. No time will go by here. Is that something you might be interested in?”

The group agreed to the pocket dimension and when they got there, they found that the Gods had switched out Yari and Olaf was gone again. Those two must be getting dizzy from all this switching back and forth thought Zen.

They brought Yari up to speed on what had transpired. Between him and Franziska, they would have to figure out who was going to memorize Plane Shift so they could go after the Lich Lord and kill her once and for all.

AR 1219-08-20 Destroy the Lich Lords Phylactery

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