AR 1219-07-26 The group head to the north frozen waste lands to get the last of the 4 items the need for the ritual

The group teleported into 20×30 room. Their movement off the portal pedestal triggered face made out of some type of material on the door across from them to come alive and start screaming “Intruders” over and over again while at the same time they heard a metal grating sound against rock on the other side of the door.

They then heard a loud click sound and the four magical lit sconces go out. Those with magical armor felt it get heavier. Those with connection to gods or other other worldly beings can no longer sense them. Inuki, Clarice, Hoo, Mr. Mittens, and the butterflies that normally fly around Zen’s sword all disappear as an antimagic zone came up.

They heard boots approaching the room outside the door. And they heard a door open on the other side of the door, “Hello inside, if you open the door on your side we can talk face to face.”

They did as they were bid angry they were being kept against their wishes.

When they pulled the door open, they saw a heavy iron gate next to where the door once was. The bars went into the floor. They see a 10 foot hall and at the end of it, another heavy iron gate. A man in uniform stood on the other side of the second gate.

“I am Captain Tymn. I welcome you to Snow City. We are quite protective of the city so we installed the special protected area around the teleport coordinates you came too. You will find all your magic nulified. Why are you here?”

When asked, he explained that they needed to meet our leader Boreas before being let you go on their own. The group is not happy about this but talk to him to try to get more information from him.

“I came from Cosatoria around 8 years ago searching for treasure. Instead I found a job that I love, a wife, and now I have a 6 and 4 year old sons. Keith and Arnie. I could not be happier.”

He then went on to explain they needed to leave their items and promise dto return them to you after the meeting. He asked them to trust that Boreas will want you to have them as he will be asking you to aid him.

“Please take off everything but your underware and put on the white robes. You will be taken to the cleansing area just as soon as we prepare the bath.”

When asked why the cleansing, he answered “Boreas is concerned about his health and wellbeing. Folks bring all kinds of strange illnesses that he does not want to be exposed to. Surely you can understand that and will respect his wishes.”

However this did not satisfy the group so he warned them. “This is not an option. If you will not do it under your own volition, then we will be forced to put you to sleep and do it ourselves. Trust me, the sleeping potion used gives quite a headacke. I choose to resist and it was several days before I felt better. It was all for naught, as I found after meeting Boreas, he needed my help and I choose to stay. You too can decide when he talks to you.”

They do not comply so hear gas leaking into the room, and even though they try to hold their breathes and not succume to the gas, they do not succeed. They wake up in individual cells, with antimagic manicals on their hands behind their backs, and the dwarves find their picks removed from their beards.


Meanwhile, back in the teleport room, the guards are picking up the items when M appears just outside the room and reaches up to a spot on the wall that is nondescript. The magical lights come back on in the room. The guards look up startled and suddenly they stop moving. M walks into the room waves his hand, “Keep others out of the room until I tell you otherwise”. The guards come alert and walk to just outside the room.

M searched through the equipment on the floor and after finding a large rough ruby, placed it on the floor away from the other equipement. Using telekinesis, he then did the same for Zen’s sword, Yari’s staff, Franziska’s rod, Krunch’s ax, and Wolf’s maul. He then concentrated on them and suddenly Ruby grows out of the rock but stops when he is medium size instead of growing to large size. Also, Hoo, Clarise, Mr. Mittens, Inuki and a medium swarm of butterflies all materialize. Inuki also only grows to medium size (think normal wolf/dog size).

“Be still, your friends have been taken. They are in grave danger of having their mission be compromised to another one. B would be angry at my interference, but I like this world, so I am at least freeing you to help them get free to choose their own course.” He waved his hands over the group, “To aid your quest, I grant you all telepathy with each other and me until you get your friends out of their cells.” He waved his hands again and guard clothes that match what the others were wearing appear sized for Ruby. “Ruby, put those on so you are less conspicuous, while I answer everyone’s questions.”

“One more thing, the path to take to where they were jailed is turn right out side this roon, the guards right outside will not bother you. Then at the 6th door turn left. Go through the court yard straight across. Then at the 2nd door turn right and go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is the jail. There will be guards that you will have to fight through.”

“Now if no more questions, I must be off before B notices I am missing.” and he disapeared.

The critters moved off and made their way to an inside court yard and they hear children laughing.

The children love seeing the animals, think Ruby is a guard. But the critters try to run past including Mr. Mittens hissed at the kids. They get passed the kids finally and meet an adult lady as they are about to leave the room.

Mariam (Wife of Captain Tymn) talked to Ruby and the the critters and because she had never been bespelled she offers to help them find their friends.

She is the head lady for those who wash clothes. She just came from there to check on her daughter before heading back. The washing area is downstairs. It has an entrance to the back door of the jail (by pass the majority of the guards).

She knows something is up, but not exactly what. She came in large expedition about 9 years ago as support for the team. The leaders of that expedition were converted over but she was not deemed important enough to meet Boreas. She knows the leaders came back from meeting Boreas and decided to help him instead of doing the research they had planned on. The men have never returned back to home to quag’s keep, for any longer than to buy food and supplies when things got low for what they could grown themselves underground. In lower levels they have pigs that eat mushrooms for meat.

There are these 20 children (all under 7) and 100 men and 30 women.

If they are going to aid their friends to get out of meeting Boreas, then she will help them by offering to take them through the back door.

When they go by all of the women downstairs, she redirects the questions because she is not sure whom to trust with what she is doing. “The guard is escorting the creatures to the jail.” Type of thing.

Before opening the door to the jail, she tells them again, please do not kill the men or women who are fighting as they do not know better.

When she opens the back door to the jail and lets them in. There are guards near the doors to the cells their friends are in and they challenge the critters and then fight them.

After the fight, they let their friends out by using the butterfly’s ability to unlock things. They give the group their stuff to get into while Ruby guards. At which point: - The butterflies merge back into Zen’s sword - Hoo lands on Krunches shoulder and rubs his face happy to see him free - Clarice does same with Franziska - Inuki licks Wolf’s face - Mr. Mitten’s rubs Yari’s leg - Ruby pats Rissa’s head

Once dressed, as they go to leave, more guards come in and another fight ensues.

After that, the group slips through the halls until they find the underground cave with Boreas

They find him in a huge cavern. In the center of it is two thrones. Near them are two medium size beings. Horefrost encrusts the wild, spiky hair and beard of a gaunt, savage-eyed man. He carries a dragon-shaped horn, a spear of ice and a nice longbow encrusted with ice. He strides with an arrogant swagger, snapping blue eyes regard Captain Tymn in front of him, as an eagle regards a mouse, though Captain Tymn does not notice it. You think it must be Boreas.

Sitting in one of the throne chairs is a elvish looking women, with pale, almost white skin and tightly braided blond hair. Her gown is exquisite, fashioned of luminous blue fabric that catches light and shines from within. Lacy ice crystals accent the gown, and a snow-white mantle cascades from her shoulders. Icicles radiate in a crownlike halo behind her head, drifting gracefully through the air.

Checking their knowledge of history they determine that he is Boreas and she is Crystalline Majesty, Morrinn of Grokeheim, the coldhearted Snow Queen, Daughter of Boreas.

They know that the Snow Queen is thought to rule a northern kingdom in the Frozen Reach. Perpetually enshrouded in snow and ice, her domain is inhospitable to outsiders. It is thought that she rules from Grokeheim, a castle of delicate spires carved entirely out of ice. The dwelling catches and reflects even the faintest glimmer of light, shining like a beacon and enticing travelers to risk the dangerous winter realm.

Waiting on her off and on are 6 beautiful women dressed in little than light robes. They have flesh and hair as white as snow and eyes blue as glacial ice. The group identifies them as Ice Maidens who are known to have a kiss that will dominate a person.

30 feet off to each side of the throne is a huge raging cloud of animated mist and ice with icicle shards for eyes and claws. You have never seen nor heard of anything like this. The best they can tell is it is sometype of elemental.

There is a table set out with plates, and serving utensils. Side tables have lots of food on them. There is even a plate of rocks for Ruby, a caged rat, mouse, doves for the other familiars.

Then they hear Boreaus telling Captain Tymn as he looks your way “Do not worry Captain about finding them. I can feel their warm bodies near. It seems they have decided to join us and not leave the keep after all. Go and recall your men who are looking for them while I talk to them.” The Captain then ran out of the cavern to a door to your right. “Come in my new friends.

The group entered and Yari immediately put a force cage with bars around Boreas and the Snow Queen which did not seem to worry them at all. Yari then realized most likley they had various forms of teleport that they could try if they wanted too. In the meantime, they were protected if a fight pursued.

Even though Boreas seemed chatty trying to get the group to sit and join them in the feast, it did not take long before Yari cast another spell. This caused the Snow Queen to declare they could not be trusted to her father, and the fight ensued.

It seemed to take forever, but it lasted less than a minute and it was over. However in the process Ruby had ate some of the tastie rocks and the group found that Ruby had become dominated. Eventually Ruby was put down, but not before she had done extensive damage to the group.

At that point, they all heard in their heads the real Boreas speak to them. “You have defeated my and my daughters avatars, but we will be back and seek vengence on you.”

The group found the following treasure in chests in the room.

-three 5 thousand gp gems
-30,000 gold (in plantinum)
-potion of mind reading
-potion of stone giant strength
-periapt of health
-scroll of Plane Shift

AR 1219-07-26 The group head to the north frozen waste lands to get the last of the 4 items the need for the ritual

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