AR 1218-10-15 The group visits Domesnart and Quac

Zen, Wolf, Krunch, Yari, and Sardi arrive to Domesnart and enjoy the city before meeting up with Quac, Rissa and Franziska. They have dinner and watch Rissa’s play where she asks the understudy to let her act for her family. Afterwards, they meet with Quac and Mo where they learn that Mo looks like a giant bear and is an ancient god of all things living on the world (Plants and animals).

Mo gives them the following things they must find and bring back to be used in a ritual he will cast that will take a very powerful item and turn it into an item that can destroy the Liche’s phylactery. Though he warns when it happens, it will most likely destroy the item as well as the phylactery:

Roots of an old mountain
mountain fire
Ancient crystalized tears
Gia’s breathe

Then Mo’s disapears. The group is not sure what these things are, so Quac tells them he knows of a very old gnome who might know how to solve riddles. He tells them they all need to go to the “The Amusing Chestnut” in the south market place and ask to see the Riddle master.

The outside has puzzle pieces on the name sign. The windows leading into the shop are filled with different novelties, toys, boxes with pictures on them. So much so that you can just barely see into the shop. When you walk in, everywhere you look is objects that look like something you would use to amuse yourself. Games, toys and other things line the walls. There are two tables in the center of the room. Two gnomes sit at the one on the right playing some type of marble game where you drop the marble at the top of a board and the marble bounces against metal pieces bounded into it. At the bottom is numbers in holes. The gnomes appear to be laughing about what hole the marble fell into. The table to the left is a gnome who is fiddling with a toy, she looks up at you and smiles. “Come in my friends, let me help you find something in my shop that will amuse you!” After talking to her a bit, they learn her name is Nyx Turen and she is Madam Nim’s great, great, great, great, great grand niece. She owns the shop and watches over who is allowed to bother her Aunt, who has been expected to die any day now for over 100 years. Quac is able to use his kingship to get access to Madam Nim with little trouble.

They are escorted into a back room where up on pillows sits the oldest gnome you have ever seen. She wears a pointed blue hat. She has her extremely thin unclothed legs that are crossed in front of her. She is smoking a pipe that fills the air with a sweet smell but underneath that sweetness you smell decay. The air is foggy from the smoke she blows out slowly. As you get closer you can see her face better when she pulls the pipe out of her mouth to speak. Her chin has hints of white whiskers and her cheeks are sunken in.

She looks at the group “You have riddles for me?”

The group give her the list and she thinks for a bit. Then trades the information for a future favor for her niece. She knows for sure what two of the things are, and then brainstorms with the group what the other to could be. They all work out that it has to be the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and that helps Madam Nim know what exactly the items are and where to find them.

Roots of an old mountain (flask of sand found in a desert that use to be a huge mountain – Near Mish-Consar)
mountain fire (cooled lava spewed from a volcano, One in the north and one near the Harear Sea)
Ancient crystalized tears (buried snow in the frozen north from at least 2 yards under the top snow – it can be allowed to melt after put into a flask)
Gia’s breathe (the air exhaled from a deep cave captured into a flask – Madam Nim tells them about a cave that breathes in the mountains near Gnomesnart)

Madam Nim has her niece give them one of two pairs of communication stones so she can send them what her future need is.

The group compares the 4 locations for the elemental items they need for the ritual with the 10 locations of Beachwood’s that Krunch and Tizzy found.

One on the island that Verona now lives on just north and west of Domesnart (4). They know it has always been populated.
One just east of Domesnart (6). It was known to have been abandoned but recently repopulated. It is somewhat near the cave that breaths that Madam Nim told them they could get “Gaia’s breathe” from.
One is far east of Domesnart (7) which they know has been abandoned. This is south of where they think they can find the “Ancient crystalized Tears”.
One is north of Domesnart across the sea (5). They know this has been abandoned.
One is west of Quag’s Keep (2). It was known to have been abandoned but recently repopulated.
Just west of that one is another one on an island (3). The island is known for rulers who have very strict magic restrictions. The city has always been populated
One is far east of Thunder Rift along the coast (8). It has always been populated.
One is south of Thunder Rift along the mountains (10). It has always been abandoned. Just east of that is a desert that you believe you can get “Roots of an old mountain”
Just south of that one is another along the coast (9). This one was abandoned but recently repopulated.
Far west of that one along the other coast (just south of the island that magic is strictly enforced) is the last town (1). It is known to be abandoned.

Just south of the last town on an island in the sea is a volcano that they believe they can get the “Mountain Fire”.

They wonder if Trent can help them with moving about the world quicker to check out the Beachwood’s and getting the 4 items. They message him and discuss with him if he would be able to help them. Trent says he will trade location of existing Teleport Circles for different items.

The group decides to go for #7 Beachwood and then immediately get “Gaia’s breathe” which is near it.

AR 1218-10-15 The group visits Domesnart and Quac

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