AR 1217-08-30 Zen has a vision

During the funeral for Valdosta, Zen has a vision:

Zen finds himself standing in a beautiful green glen. The trees are covered by ivy. There are flowers all around the ground and they have numerous butterflies feeding from them. The colors are so vivid he is sure he is somewhere in Alfheim. There in the center of the glen is an anvil that looks seldom used. Flowers and vines have grown up around it.

Out of the trees walked the most beautiful male elf he had ever seen. “What do you think, is it not a stunning place to build a sword?”

“It is magnificent” Zen said as he looked around

“The Elven Queen brought you here sort of. We are not really here, but in your mind’s eye. She thought you would like to see where that sword of yours was crafted.”

The elf continued, “The sword has lost its way. The dwarven gods got it restarted on its journey to reclaim its true power, but it needed to come here to complete the process. Let me introduce myself. I am Alalasan Vararas, the original wielder of the sword. The Elven Queen who is Valdosta’s grandmother gifted the sword to me. When I died, I was allowed to come live in Alfheim in reward for my services to the Queen. I alone can get the sword to regain its greatness. Please give it to me.”

“It is an honor to meet you”, Zen said as he turned the sword over to Alalasan. As he did so, he could feel the sword rejoice in being back with the elf. “Can I ask how many generations ago you lost the sword?

“It has been at least 4 of you human generations.”

Zen did the math “So you’ve not been parted that long?”

“No, not that long, to an elf.” Alalsan said straight face as elves did a lot of times.

“Did you forge the sword?” Zen asked.

“No the Elven Queen had it forged.”

Zen was very impressed that he can come into possession of such a prize and said, “Then it is truly a special sword.”

Alalasan said “It is”, as he walked over to the anvil and laid the sword on it gently. He then called the butterflies in the glen to him and they settled on the sword. So many, that the sword actually disappeared from view.

Zen laughed, “This explains all the butterflies!”

That seemed to be the cue, and Alalasan waved his hands again over the sword and the butterflies folded themselves into the sword no longer to be seen.

The elf picked up the sword and swung it around. “It is hole again. Let me show you what it can do with its special command words.” Loudly he proclaimed “Iridescence”. And the sword lit up. He called the word out again and the sword no longer shined. “This will help you when you find yourself in the dark and need light to see.” Then he yelled out “Radiance” and the sword lit again, but this time it was as if the sun was shining from the blade. Zen knew if there had been any monsters around that they would not have liked that at all. It did not last very long. “Sadly, that can only be used once a day. Also, every really good hit you do has a chance of cutting off the limb of the creature you have hit.”

Alalasan walked back to Zen and handed it back to him. “May you wield it to the detriment of the Lich Lord who has been a pain in the Queen’s side for far too many years!”

Zen humbly replied, “May I do honor to your legacy.”

“As I hope you do” was Alalsan’s reply.

As Zen looked at his weapon he was overwhelmed with joy that his weapon was finally healed fully and it was his.

Curiosity got the better part of Zen and he asked, “Does it have a name?”

“It’s name is Betrice.”

Zen feels the full power of the sword is his to wield and if he has his way the Liche Lord will die by it.

He looked up to thank Alalasan, but found he was standing back on the ridge with the sword in his hand, and he could feel the power in his sword was his to wield. The Lich Lord would die by it he pledged to whomever might be listening.


(Sword becomes +3 Sword of Sharpness which of course still requires attunement. This weapon is only modeled from the DM Guide. Here are your specific rules for this sword of sharpness so you understand how it works with the butterfly affect.

When you attack an object with this magic sword, the normal weapon damage dice against a target is maximized. This does NOT include the butterfly 1d4 damage per plus on the weapon. So from now on instead of rolling the 1d8 damage for the long sword, the damage is automatically 8 + 3d4 butterfly damage.

On top of that, when Zen attacks a creature with this weapon and he happened to roll a crit (20), the target takes an extra 14 points of damage (don’t roll the extra 1d8 like normal crits or take 8 maxed, instead it gets an auto 14 points).

After a crit, roll another d20. If that is also a 20, then roll the special limb dice that Allen/LeAnne have. The body part shown on the dice is what is lopped off.

So single crit: 8 14 3d4 butterfly damage Double crit: 8 14 3d4 butterfly damage + lopping dice effect

Last, speak the sword’s command word “Iridescence” and the blade sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. Speaking the command word again or sheathing the sword puts out the light. This light is normal and cannot counter a darkness nor qualify for sunlight. This can be used as many times a day as desired.

Once a day speaking the command word “Radiance” causes the sword light to dispel magical darkness within 30 feet of you. Additionally, each hostile creature within 30 feet of you must make a con save. On a failed save, the creature takes 3d10 radiant damage. Half as much on a successful save. Any creature with total cover from you is not affected. This acts as sunlight. It last for just one round.)

AR 1217-08-30 Zen has a vision

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