AR 1217-08-30 Yari and Sarid have a vision

During the funeral for Valdosta, Yari and Sardi have a vision:

The two brother-in-arms found themselves together alone on the ridge. They heard a booming voice behind them.

“I am proud of you both”

They turned, and see they are before Odin, their god. Yari waved, and Sardi trembled where they stood.

Oden walked over to them and place a hand on each of their shoulders. “You will need more to face the evil Lich Lord that has been plaguing my people for so long. I give you the gift of better defense.”

They could feel his power flow through their armor where his hand touch it.

“Use it to take the fight to her once you settle things in Thunder Rift.”

“For that fight, you will need to seek out what will be able to break down the defenses of the phylactery that she stores her soul in. She once was human, there must be things that you can find that will remind her soul once again of those long past days which will make her soul want for eternal rest so that it goes to Helheim when the phylactery is destroyed. Though the Lich will still exist until the soul reaches Helheim.”

They lifted up their heads and saw him slowly disappear. They stood, looked at each other and found that their armor looked even shinier than right after they polished it.

(Armor +2) NOTE: Yari’s requires attunement because it is both magical and does not allow crits

AR 1217-08-30 Yari and Sarid have a vision

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