AR 1217-08-30 Wolf has a vision

During the funeral for Valdosta, Wolf has a vision:

Wolf found himself sitting on the ground on the grassy ridge with Sif sitting next to him. “I am glad you finally know the truth about Sparakal. It was not our story to tell, all we could do is not discourage you from loving her. But enough of that. You have done well taking out the one who stole you so long ago. He will forever be trapped where he can do no one any harm nor get out. We give you our word on that. Now I wish to give you a gift. Something you have been wanting for a long time.”

A cloak appeared in her lap. Winds rose it up and it lay over Wolf’s shoulders. He could feel the strange power in it, stickiness most especially. “It does not seem like a gift you would normally give.”

Sif smiled, “Good, then I have surprised you.”

Wolf caressed the cloak thinking he bet it might help him with climbing walls “Thank you I am very grateful”

He hearc as she disappeared, “You are welcome”.

Berronar laughed behind him made him jump and then turn to see her make a similar cloak disappear from her arms. “Ahh she beat me too it. I should have known.”

“Sorry” was all Wolf could think up.

Berronar waved off his concern, “Well I then I will just have to come up with something else. Hmm, I know. Hand me your maul your father made you.”

Wolf did as he was bade.

Berronar surprised him by swinging it effortlessly around her head and then throwing it at the rock 60 ft in front of them, smashing it effortlessly.

As Wolf watched it smash the rock he thought to himself, she must be very strong too throw so heavy a weapon so far. He turned back at Berronar to see what this meant but she quickly turned him back around, and he found the maul had come right back to him. It would have hit him in the head if he had not been so quick with his hands to catch it. He was now grinning from ear to ear when he turned back to Berronar.

With pride in her voice she said, “Let’s see Sif top that!”

“Now let’s talk shop. Before you go usin’ these cool toys to take out the Lich Lord, you need to help your Father re-establish his keep. It will take your friends a bit before they have the information you will need to find and destroy the Liche. So in the meantime, you might as well get something accomplished don’t you think.”

Wolf put his maul away, “My Father’s keep is not the only thing that needs rebuilding.” Berronar thinking mainly about dwarven needs responded, “What else is there?”

“Old Town in Melinir”, reminding Berronar that he also served Sif too.

But Berronar was not to be denied, “Your Father’s keep should take priority, but when you’re going back and forth between town and the keep, you should have time to help out. Do you have any other questions.”

Wolf decided that it would work to cover both areas he wanted to rebuild and asked another question that had been nagging at him a long time, “The limitation of your abilities to find me when I was a child, was that because of Durbar or the Liche?”

“The Liche”

Concerned, Wolf continued, “Should I expect you to lose your powers again?”

Berronar tried to explain in terms Wolf would understand, “I didn’t lose my powers, I just couldn’t sense where you were. Your location was not only blocked, but your prayers to me were blocked as well. Now that your fully in my and Sif’s services, it cannot happen again.”

Going on to the next topic on Wolf’s mind, “What about the Elven Queens offer of trade, her services for a child?”

“I cannot personally foresee if you will need to bargain with her or not. But it will be your choice if you enter into it or not.”

Wolf asked his last question, “Would you be adverse to a temple of Sif along with a temple to you in the new keep?”

Berronar smiled, “Sif and I do not fight over followers. So I have no qualms with that.”

When Wolf asked no more questions, Berronar smiled and then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Wolf found himself surrounded by those at the funeral once again.

(Cloak of the Arachinda – requires attunment) (Father’s maul can be thrown 3 times a day and will return. 20 ft for normal range, 60 ft for long range. Requires Attunement)

AR 1217-08-30 Wolf has a vision

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