AR 1217-08-30 Valdosta dies and has her funeral during which the group has visions

The day after the trial, the Stonerose family, Wolf and Tizzy gathered around Valdosta’s bedside. Her strength had finally given out and they were there to say their final goodbyes before the dwarven gods took her to Dwarfheim to reward her for her many years of service.

Valdosta looked prideful at what her womb had helped create as her grandchildren sat in chairs around her with Tizzy and Wolf with them.

Slowly but purposely, she took Wolf’s and Sparky’s hands and placed them together. “Know that I couldn’t be happier that you two have found love together. It brightens my last day, that you overcame the difficulties my falsehood placed on you. You two will make wonderful children together. I hope your lives are as full of love and adventure as Kalistar’s and mine have been.

“Gran” Sparky paused, “we understand why you did not tell about what happen with me birth mother.”

“Our finding each other just makes us realize how strong our love is.” Wolf said as he smiled first at Valdosta and then at Sparky.

Next, Vadosta took Krunch’s and Tizzy’s hands in hers, “May you two have a dozen children, but one at a time please. You both will make wonderful parents.” And she smiled remembering her own trouble birthing twins, Kalistar and Katrina.”

“We’ll get right ta that, Granny” Krunch said with a laugh in his voice, as Tizzy hit his arm for they were not married yet.

Tizzy pleaded, “Gran, why must ye leave us, ye’re not that old for ah dwarf?”

“Oh, my dear, wishes are wonderful, but they are not perfect. Know that I would have it no other way for my life then to be the dwarf I am and to have known you all.”

They hugged her and told her they loved her and moved out of the room so that others could say their goodbyes.

Katrina was brave as she approached her mother’s side. Braddock was holding her hand, though he was worried that the stress was not good for her in her very late pregnancy. They had lost the first two children to a miscarriage, but Kat was sure this one would be fine and would not hear of not being there to say goodbye.

“Mother, we have decided to name the baby after you. I don’t care it’s not a dwarven name.” This made Valdosta smile which was what Kat was desperately trying to do.

“That would be a funny name for a boy dear heart!”

“I am sure it is a girl mother. And if not, well he will just have to learn to have thick skin like his grandmother.”

Valdosta reached out and touched Kat’s belly and looked up at both Braddock and Kat. “I love you both very much. Teach her well that all things are possible.”

“I love you mom”, Kat hugged her mother and Braddock helped her away before she could break down and cry.

Kendric and Shar approached Valdosta’s bedside.

“Shar, I’m so sorry I kept that from you for so long.” Valdosta whispered.

“It’s ok mother, I understand why you did and I forgive you.” Shar hugged her, “I love you!” Then Shar stepped back with tears in her eyes.

Kendric sat down next to his mother and held her hand, “Son, I know you have had a trying time these past years, but you are strong and will build your kingdom back up. Take heart after I am gone that your people love you.”

“Mother, I hate that ye be leavin’ us, but accept that the gods can na be fought on taking ye from us. But I wish ye would’o saved yer strength yesterday and been here fer Kat’s baby ta be born.”

“That was never to be son.”

Kendric hugged his mother and whispered “I love ye!” then left his father to be with his wife at the end.

Kalistar stood off to the side afraid to approach the bed for what he knew would be the last time to be with his wife till he joined her in death.

“Come here you old coot and hold my hand one last time.” Her voice was faint, but she knew he heard her just fine and wondered if he would just pretend like he did sometimes that he did not, just to annoy her one last time.

But he shuffled over and sat down next to her and held her hand.

She cleared her throat and her voice was a bit stronger this time, “I have one last request for you my love.”

“Anything, just ask it.”

“You need to take some of my ashes to my grandmother and the letter in my drawer.”

“What, that old bag? You have to be kidding?”

This old argument brought a smile to her lips as he had hoped.

“It will be as you wish my love.” And he kissed her lips one last time.

Kalistar kept her company until she passed over. He walked very slowly out the door to the waiting family, leaning even more on his cane then normally. There was sorrow in his eyes but a determination on his face.

“Sound the bell, she has joined the gods.”

The bells rang out for an hour at the keep while Priestess Throlina cleaned the body. Then it was marched to the top of the ridge with a full dwarven procession, the likes of which had never been seen before at the Golden Eagle keep. Every person (including all of you, Kara and Sven) that could be spared was on top of the ridge and watched Valdosta’s body be placed on the pyre as the dwarves all said goodbye to their matriarch.

There was not a dry eye in the group that watched as her body burned.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew the smoke out from the body, and covered the Silverbriar group. It did not last long, and then the smoke was normal again, rising into the air as the gust of wind settled down.

Wolf has a vision

Krunch has a vision

Zen has a vision

Yari and Sarid have a vision

Rissa has a vision

AR 1217-08-30 Franziska has a vision

AR 1217-08-30 Valdosta dies and has her funeral during which the group has visions

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