AR 1217-08-30 Rissa has a vision

During the funeral for Valdosta, Rissa has a vision:

Rissa found herself deep, deep in the earth. The heat was intense but surprisingly she felt none of it. In her head she heard the familiar voice of Gaia

Welcome. You have accomplished the first step toward taking out the “one” who wishes to destroy me and those living on me. Now you must seek out what will be able to permanently destroy the item she stores her essence in once it wants to move on to its final rest. Seek out the short one who use to fight with you. He has connections to an old god who may know more. But don’t let others know why you go, so that the “one” does not suspect and try to stop you. When you do face the “one”, you will need more firepower. Lay the twisted rock in my fire.

“Oh certainly”, then as Rissa took her Rod of the Pack Keeper out she asked “By the short one, do you mean Quac?”

I believe that is his name

“The gnome?”


“The King of Domesnart?”

Yes seek him out

“I’d love to. I’m supposed to…”

Seek out a way to permanently destroy the item she stores her essence in

“Her phylactery?”

Yes but let no one but your group know so she does not find out

Having understood her quest, Rissa thrust the rod into the fire. When she pulled it back, it seemed lighter but more powerful.

Do you have any questions my child?

“What did you do to it?”

I have made it more powerful

“Sometimes I try to talk with you and you do not reply. Is there something I can do to get your attention?”

You need a rock from my heart. Take one of those around your feet with you. When you wish to talk with me, hold it in your hand and I will always be able to hear you.

After Rissa picked up an interesting rock and put it in her pocket, the world around her misted over and she found herself back on the hill with the others. She could feel the weight in her pocket and knew what had just happened to her was real.

Details: Rod of the Pack Keeper goes to +3 and Rock of sending that can be used in spells to bring forth an earth elemental named Ruby CR5

AR 1217-08-30 Rissa has a vision

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