AR 1217-08-30 Krunch has a vision

During the funeral for Valdosta, Krunch has a vision:

Krunch sees his grandmother standing once again in front of him, he is alone with her on the ridge. She looks so much healthier, but still she is the old dwarven women he has always known and loved so much.

“I am sorry I made you carry the burden of thinking you were Durbar’s son so long. But I knew you were strong enough to shoulder it and I was afraid it would mean Sparakal’s death if he knew. Hopefully you will still treat her as your sister of your heart.”

“Of course I will” Krunch said.

“Now I wish to give you something to show you how proud I am of you. Hand me your Mother’s made ax!” Krunch takes the ax from its strap and hands it too her. Valdosta takes the ax and waves it around in the air and then tosses it at a rock in the distance.

Krunch gasps.

“Stand ready Grandson!” Krunch looked back at the rock and saw the ax coming back toward him. He reached out and caught it, and then smiled, knowing what great gift she had just given him. His very own renowned Dwarven Thrower. It even seemed brighter somehow. Could it have gotten even stronger as well. He looked back to her.

She was grinning from ear to ear like she used to do when he did something silly when he was a young lad. “You will be needing that once you take the fight to the Lich Lord. It is time to take her out once and for all. Take Tizzy and search for Beachwood, the city the half-elf Betsy found the elven dragon orb at. The dwarven gods feel the undead her group faced may mean something else was hidden in the city.”

Then she quickly gave him a hug and as she faded he heard, “I will be watching over you little one.” Something she would tell him as she tucked him into bed at night when he was small.

(Ax +3 dwarven thrower)

AR 1217-08-30 Krunch has a vision

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