AR 1217-08-30 Franziska has a vision

Franziska found herself alone with one other on the ridge. It was her mentor Hazel. She looked so much better than she had last seen her in Niffleheim. Her eyes are clear and her long hair brushed and not matted like it was there. “My dear you look so radiant. I could not be prouder of you than if you were my own daughter.

“You look so much better. I’m so happy to see that. Is it because the problems are solved?”

“Yes. I’m so glad your smarter than to believe that old Durbar about my intent for you.”

“No, it never even occurred to me to believe him.”

“He was lying to save his own hide. Now, hand me that Wand of the War Mage of yours. I have a gift for you.” Franziska hands it to her without hesitation. Hazel held it up above her head and spoke a spell of calling. Clouds formed above them quickly and suddenly a lightning bolt came from the sky and hit the wand. The bright light from the strike cleared from her eyes and she could then see that the wand was fine, not only fine, but it looked even stronger. Hazel handed her back the wand. “I have charged it up for you so it will help you even more to overcome the Lich Lord. But you need to first help with getting Thunder Rift back under good management, then go and take that bitch out for me.”

Hazel touched Franziska’s face with her older weathered hand, “Oh, but don’t forget that you need to take some time for yourself. I happen to know there is a young man very worried about you. The gods say he prays for your safety every day. You really should make some time to go see him in Torylnn and reassure him you are ok.”

“Your studies are good for you, but you need to give your libido a turn or too. When I was younger, I had many different lovers. Sadly I never found my soul mate. Maybe in my next life I will.” Hazel smiled to herself at several past memories. “And Hughye is so darn cute too. Go figure out if he is your soul mate. After all, life is not just about magic.”

The redheaded wizard’s eyes glazed over for a moment as she remembered her dream. “Hazel, you know I love you. You set me on the path of Magic. Hughye is a fine young man and darn cute too and when I was having that dream of marriage and a child with him it did seem wonderful. But he’s not the one – my soul mate. I may never find my soul mate but if I do, something keeps running through my head telling me that I want to keep myself pure and virgin for him. And maybe that’s not even it. Maybe there is something I will need to do, some spell or ritual or something completely different. And it will only work if I’ve never been with a man. I just know I’ll know why when the time comes. Does that sound silly?”

“It does not sound silly at all. You need to follow your gut my dear. For only time will tell if you are right.” Hazel hugged her as Franziska fiercely hugs her back, and then she slowly disappeared.

Franziska found herself back on the hill at Valdosta’s funeral.

Detail: Wand of the War Mage is now +3

AR 1217-08-30 Franziska has a vision

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