AR 1214-10-22 Misty Realm Pocket Dimension - Granny calls the kids back to put Hazel to rest and Tinnith helps

Dear Diary,

Granny has been plagued for months now from a ghost of a lady called Hazel that she sensed the kids would be needed to put the ghost to rest. So she had me fetch the ingredients she needed to call the kids back. What to my surprised but they had actually grown up. It had only been 6 months our time, but it looked like it had been at least 5 years their time. How interesting. The kids and I talked on the way to where we were going and last time it was the opposite. They were in the Misty Realm for about a day, and when they went back it had been just hours if even that. Very strange. Maybe knowing that will help Granny figure some more stuff out.

So let me continue before I get more sidetracked. There was a couple of new kids. There was this new male human, Zen and a female human wizard, Franziska. And the Bran kid was no longer with them. I had enough time with them this time to finally start to be able to tell them all apart. I never was very good with demi-elves and their strange short names. You know I think they all look alike. But Wolf, a dwarf of many talents, was fun. I loved the looks he would give me when one of my arrows would go by him with only an inch to spare. Dwarves are so easy to startle. Ha, then he started doing similar things to me. I sense a fun competition, wonder if I could toss him!!! Note to self next time we meet, give it a try. With the right leverage, it might work!

Yari, the kid I told you I had to kiss to stop his whining, has actually grown up a bit. Though the others were still teasing him about the kiss. Might have to kiss one of them too just to even the playing field a bit.

Oh, so where was I, right, we went to Nifleheim. The bunch of them were stalling about jumping into it, so I set the pace and went first. I was thinking they might have all turned into pansies but they proved that wrong with all the great fighting they did while there. We finally fought our way to the tower that this ghost Hazel was residing at. But she sure was a bit touched in the head. Franziska at least got a bit of information from her. A list of words that the kids think Krunches girlfriend might be able to decipher. Though I wonder what Hazel meant by her comment about her daughter/sister. Franziska says she only knew something about a daughter taking up residence in Hazel’s old tower. Well, when they go back, they can check into it at some point.

I wonder when I will see the kids next and what the time difference will be this time. Hope they are ok in their coming fight against evil. Sounds like a nasty one.


AR 1214-10-22 Misty Realm Pocket Dimension - Granny calls the kids back to put Hazel to rest and Tinnith helps

Thraes lkjergensen