AR 1213-05-01 Krunch and Tizzy Study Sessions

Ever since the events in Mylinar, Krunch has seemed troubled. Even more concerning to some is that his forge tools lay unused, his normal spot at the forge unused or filled in by other smiths.

Instead, the young dwarf has been disappearing for hours on end into a locked room with Tizzy, who is often seen carrying in multiple scrolls.

You were going to discuss this with the young dwarf one night, but as you approached you overheard a conversation between Tizzy and Krunch

“Bah, me hand is crampin’” Krunch grumbled, rubbing his hand

“Ye jest need more practice! It will get better.” Tizzy answered “Ye’re used ta’ holding tha forge hammer.”

“Aye … but what can I do fer me tongue? It ain’t used ta tha way it’s bein’ abused.”

“Ye’re doin’ fine!” Tizzy put a hand on Krunch’s arm “When ye first started at tha forge it took a while afore ye were ready ta make a sword?”

“But I feel like I’m doin’ all this work an’ sometimes it works an’ sometimes it does not!” Krunch shook his head in dismay “Ye don’t have any problem with yer …”

Tizzy interrupted with “Do ye think it was easy fer me at first? It’s a skill. Yer naturally talented in ways other’s ain’t”

“I jest wished that every time …” Krunch grumbled.

“Ye’re talented.” Tizzy raised Krunch’s chin with her hand so he looked her straight in the eye. “Ye’re doin’ jest fine, better than I expected.”

“Well I be thinkin’ ye’re a pretty talented young woman yerself.” Krunch replied with a wink.

“Of course I am” Tizzy responded with a chuckle.

After a moment of silence Krunch continued with “I be thinkin’ it is time ta bring in someone else.”

Twirling her hair idly, Tizzy queried “Do ya think we should bring in Ox?”

“I’m thinkin’ Sparky instead. She may be a pain but I want ta bring in someone we can be sure won’t go tellin’ anyone else.” Krunch paused, stroking his beard “An’ trust me she can make me black n’ blue just as much as Ox.”

With that, the young couple got up and went to find Krunch’s sister.

AR 1213-05-01 Krunch and Tizzy Study Sessions

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