AR 1212-07-12 Krunchs Journal: Elven Valley Patrol

The clan has decided to take the fight to the orcs, sending out patrols in sweeps to different regions simultaneously. While the fledglings and soldiers were sent into the mountains the rest of the academy students were sent on patrol in the interior of the valley. We were sent to patrol the western cliffs of the elven valley. We were warned not to enter the valley.

Tizzy was sent to support the troops going into the mountains. I’m worried about her of course, but if my da cannot keep her safe no one can.

The first day of patrolling was uneventful but then we were approached by some elves, led by Erthat. They wanted to talk to me, something about “intruders”. We had others in their group continue our patrol while we went to meet with their leader, Nym and Aerith Dawnfall (Darreeli’s parents). There were some humans that were on the edge of the valley. As usual, instead of just helping the people they wanted us to make them leave.

We found the humans soon enough when we heard their screaming. They were being attacked by a giant shrubbery. That’s not something you see every day. While I threw handaxes the others charged in, including for some reason Rissa. I knew she wasn’t fond of vegetables, but this was ridiculous. Zen was swallowed whole, seems that he got the whole “eat your greens” backwards.

We defeated the giant cabbage and started to help the family. They were all pretty beat up, the old man Andrazee explained that they were refugees from the mesa, seeking refuge here from the orcs. The woman had a serious infection, a boy had a broken leg, the baby had a bad reaction to insect bites.

Of course the elves hadn’t done the courteous thing and provided the group with provisions and sent them south. Even worse, some of the group had gone to gather water and food in the forest. We headed into the forest following their trail. We reached the edge of the elven border, and I followed the tracks further in, tying a rope to my waist. When I reached the end of my rope (literally, although I was getting pretty tired of the elves too) the group added more rope. We had about reached the end of that rope when I heard yet another scream for help. Twice in one day is at least once too many.

A woman was standing over the bodies of two men, both uncounscious but still alive. I threw her a healing potion while I idiotically charged the creature made of water that was threatening them. I threw my hand axe and while it didn’t make much of a splash, it did seem to irritate it enough for it to absorb me.

Fortunately that distracted the water beast long enough for the woman and her companions to get away. I escaped and valiantly retreated. Just like I had planned all along. Oh yeah.

Back at the camp, we escorted the humans back to the keep and went back out on patrol. We met da’s group (and Tizzy was fine) and they reported that most of the orcs had simply dissapeared.

At least everyone got home safe.

AR 1212-07-12 Krunchs Journal: Elven Valley Patrol

Thraes Aljergensen