AR 1212-06-01 Franziska learns Clarice life history

Overtime, Franziska is able to get the following information from Clarice as some of is trumatic and takes time and patience to get her to tell about it.

- As a cub she remembers her clan (her and other wolves) being attacked and her parents being killed. She was licking her mother trying to wake her up when a rough human picked her up and stuck her in a sack.

- She remembers a nice girl playing with her that smelled a lot like Clarice (another young wizard to be who was the daughter of the guy who caught Clarice). She bonded with the girl and would protect her. The girl called her Clarty. Similar enough that between Franziska’s smell and the name it quickly helped form a bond between them.

- The girls father taught the girl how to train the wolf further inhancing the bond

- One day some bad people came and attacked. Clarice was away with the man hunting. They came back and the girl and her mother were dead.

- The man went crazy then got into eating something that would make him sleep and act weird. The man traded Clarice for that bad something he was eating.

- Clarice changed hands several times after that. They were ok. Eventually, he was purchased by a wizard who did divination magic around her. By her description you can tell that. Clarice was sometimes affected by the magic and she found that she could remember past lives. She once was a panther. Another time an eagle. She is very sure of this. It is up to Franziska if she believes her or not. She is sure that it will happen again when she dies, and this time she is going to try to remember right away about Franziska and will once she is old enough, try to find her. She is insistent about this.

- The wizard made a puppet one day with the help of a new apprentice. The wizard had the apprentice bring a street child to him with candy that no one would miss. The wizard killed the child and put its life force in the puppet. He used it for various things around the shop.

- Then the wizard did it again.

- The apprentice grew fearful of the wizard and one night stole away with Clarice and one of the puppets. He left a letter for the constable about what the wizard had done and got on a caravan.

- The apprentice had used the puppet in three cities before they got to where Clarice met Franziska.

- The man always kept her fed well. And after seeing and talking to some of the hungry dogs in the streets of the city, Clarice knew she had it good so protected the one who gave her food so he would keep her.

- When Franziska talked to her during the fighting, for a moment she thought she was the young girl come back to her somehow. The color hair and smell were the same. Clarice use to miss her a lot, but now has Franziska and is very happy.

- The Druid was nice, but she wanted to go back to Franziska so much she told him so over and over again until he brought Clarice to Franziska.

AR 1212-06-01 Franziska learns Clarice life history

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