AR 1211-12 Krunch's Journal: Twisted Caves and Stalagtites

We’ve been on lock-down for a while now, what with the increased orcish activity.

With the normal patrols all busy with orcish incursions, we were asked to do some patrolling in the caves. We ran into some kobolds, which we dispatched quickly. Then things got weird. Rissa found a secret door which led into a side cavern with a braided stalagtite. Sound familiar? Well, before I could start searching for a skeleton, Rissa walked up to the stalagtite and started talking to it. I only got half of the conversation, but other than that when she didn’t start laughing demonically or grow horns or burst into flames or something we let her finish her conversation.

When she was done, we searched some rubble in the room and found the skeleton of a dwarf hidden beneath it. Rissa communed with the stalagtite (never thought I would write that!) and learned that she had been killed by a very angry male dwarf. As reverently as possible we wrapped the remains and took them to Throlina so that she could be put to rest properly.

I had mixed emotions when I learned that she was Tola. If the rumors are true, it’s possible she was my birth mother. I would have liked to have the chance to meet her and ask her myself. As I once told Yari it doesn’t matter if my parents are mine by biology or choice but part of me wanted to put the rumors to rest. The fact that it’s quite possible that her husband killed her only makes it worse.

AR 1211-12 Krunch's Journal: Twisted Caves and Stalagtites

Thraes Aljergensen